Israeli is an occupying force in Palestinian land’s and the United States of America.

25 Aug

 1.  Stop buying into what the Jewish state of Zionist claims and look at what Israel has actually done.  The maps tell the story of a nation eager to conquer lands which do not belong to it with the help of the United States of America and Great Britain.  Israel has invaded virtually every nation it shares borders with, including Syria and Lebanon, and as the map’s show (http://whatreally/ in its attempt to subjugate the Palestinian People and Territories and is ready to “ethnically cleanse” the region.  Far from being the poor (United States Weaponry at next to no cost) victimized society desperately defending itself Israel likes to pretend it is in order to wrest more money from Americans, Israel is in fact the most militarily aggressive nation in the region, as shown by it building on occupied Palestinian land’s; today and has laughed in the face of the 1967 United Nation Security Council’s Peace Accord as to the Israel’s returning to it Boarders of 1967.

2.  In this the United States of America since their arrival they have manipulated their way as to financially seizing control of this Nation ,government, media, United States Senate – House of Representatives through financial manipulation (pay offs) of the United States Economy and caused the Depression of the 2008 – 2009 (ENRON, BEAR STEARN’S LENDING COMPANY, LEMAN BROTHERS AND OTHER DEFAULT BUSINESSES)  with the help of their lackey’s; whom are bought and paid for by the issuance of stocks, bonds and bonuses on the bail out monies to private company given them by themselves as member of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives; at you the Taxpayer’s of the United States of America expense.  And, that so called Democratic – Israeli owned President William Jefferson Clinton who was the biggest sell out of all; when he signed out of law, the Glass – Steagall  Act of 1933, put into place by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt after the first Great Depression.  

3.  It reminders me of what; Germany was suffering through in the 1930’s as the Israeli took control of the Germany economy.   Mirroring, that is occurring in the United States of America or but it this way, if I drew a map of  Israel; should I include the United States of America?    

4.   A New York State Rabbi (Son of one of Zion chief architect)  stated that the ruling Israel Political Party should in all counts be considered a Terrorist Organization; for it dealings with the Palestinian State .  This was stated with an interview with Mr. Bill Moyer on the (Maine)Public Broadcast System (PBS) (August 2014). 

5.  Mr. Charles Arthur Soule, “If I draw a Map of the United States of America;  should I include Israel?”;  OR “If I draw a Map of Israel; should I include the United States of America?”                .      


28 May

1.  MR. CHIP MORRISON OF THE GREATER AREA CHAMBER OF COMMENCE is pushing Lewiston and Auburn’s consolidation and why I wonder;  perhaps to gradify local business interest or Tax shifting to residents of some of business taxes ?   And,   w h y   s o o o   late into the sequestration process, as both Lewiston and Auburn cities are making progress in the area of getting their perspective city budgets under control.  

2.  As for MR. LUCIEN B. GOSSELIN, head of the organization LEWISTON – AUBURN ECONOMIC GROWTH COUNCIL an entity deriving it income from Auburn and Lewiston ( last time I knew at a rate of 250 thousand dollars a year or less) ; I would have though that the LEWISTON AND AUBURN ECONOMIC GROWTH COUNCIL would have had this under control as they have been (“DOING or GIVING THE BUSINESS; ha,ha.ha”) to the Auburn and Lewiston Taxpayer for almost ( 20 ), TWENTY years.

3.  The burden as to business taxes being shifted to the residents of both cities, change of address on licenses, change of local birth certificates, stationary headers, local newspapers , periodical magazines, business and Personnal billing Invoices, computer re calibrating, articles, biography (Local Authors) and forms, excreta; will benefit the wallet of one hopeful commission candidate and CEO of Geiger Brothers. 

4.  MR. GENE GEIGER stands to make a hugh monatary profit off of Lewiston and Auburn Taxpayers’s as Lewiston and Auburn have to update their stationary and forms; if they use GEIGER BROTHERS of LEWISTON, Maine or was that Great falls, Maine or Twin Cities, Maine or Souleville, Maine excreta.  $



25 Apr

Yes, if you were born in the late 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960 and grew to an age of adulthood; you are the second greatist generation to come along.  Reasoning:

First:    You allow yourself to be set aside; or to  be nullified or invalidated by:

a..  Affirmative action – refers to equal opportunity employment.

b.  Affirmative action – college admissions quoters policies.

Secondly:  You marched for the rights of other:

a. Equal right / human rights for ( Black’s (jobs), Women’s ( Jobs) and Sexual preference (jobs –   marriage.)

b. Voting rights.

And, you allow the “Great Society”; to flourish (food stamps, Medicare, Obama Care, Aid to Dependant children (Led to one head of household), rent subsides, phone subsides, college subsides at taxpayer’s expense, ride to appointments at taxpayers expense, cable subsides and now phone subsides.

And now;  the United States Supreme Court decision revealed deep division among the justices over the government’s role in protecting minorities. Perhaps it is time to see how well this transformational period (Affirmative Action and quoters ) has progressed us as a Nation to normal relations with are fellow citizens.

As, a young male growing up in this time frame; I would like to comment.   I have noticed the changes; not to the positive, in some areas.  And, for you young people who might construe this the wrong way, I have the option / obligation to inform you that;  you do not see, what, once was or came before .

My Judgement is:  ” The Second Greatest Generation” is a ‘JOKE'”  TO ITS  WHITE  – BLACK PARENT’S   (WWII), CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN AND FUTURE GENERATION OF WHITTIES AND BLACKIE!   As we have allowed the boarder gate crashes of the United States to remain and this our government is silent on the issue in the Senate and Congress of these United States.

The Local Lewiston Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine Article of August 2014; stated that the United States Public School System in now a majority Hispanic enrollment and that these Illegals and legal Hispanic are setting back other student do to their not being able to speak or read ENGLISH.

The liberalism of the last forty year, (D) JEWISH Democratic Party Ideology; USE THE BLACK  (Martin Luther KING TOLD THE JEWISH LEADER TO STAY OUT OF THE MOVEMENT) (I WAS 10 YEARS OLD IN 1963) against the WHITE and the HISPANIC AGAINST BOTH THE BLACK and WHITE are causing the Ferguson, Missouri phenomenon problem, do to monies being spent on the Hispanic’s; as well as the under achievement of the masses of student coming out of our educational system.  ( We will see a lot of this in the future as underlining racial and generational problems come to the surface.)

Political correctness; has been used as Political and Racial tool by the political authorities and the rich, to the point of writing it into law as a means to their economical and financial end game.

Respectfully, Charles Arthur Soule, Date of Brith:  5 March 1953


15 Apr

YEAR 2004 City of Lewiston,  Maine ACQUIRES 415 Lisbon Street for $260 Thousand dollars.

YEAR 2005 City of Lewiston,  Maine  ( GIVES )  transfers to Androscoggin Area Chamber of Commerce  – Mr.. Chip Morrison AT NO COST.

AND, HAS MADE THE BUILDING A CONDO OPERATION WITH; Lewiston / Auburn Economic Growth Council – L. B. Gosselin ?  DIVIDING THE FLOORS; NOW ?

TODATE Androscoggin Area Chamber of Commerce has paid no property Taxes to City of Lewiston, Maine.



22 Nov

A diagram showing layers within the Earth's ma...

A diagram showing layers within the Earth’s mantle and core (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let it be known that I; Charles Arthur Soule, contend that Man’s aiding in globel warming of the planet Earth will and is leading and aiding in it’s destruction sooner than later !

Point  (1), Earth is in a Super Nova state of being; as it was once a Star ! 

Point  (2),  with the heating of the atomsphere by fossil fuels, deforesting, human body tempature and being radiated by Nuclear Atomic Energy the ( A and H Bomb Testing )  Earth’s crust  ( 30 km thick at ( 0 celsius ) is being heated, mantle ( 2900 ) at ( 1000 celsius ) is being heated and the core ( 5200 km ) at  ( 3700 celsius ) is being heated with the inner core ( 4300 celsius ).

Point (3) with the melting of the Polar Ice Caps at the Earth’s Poles and heating of the Earth’s Sea’s; methane gases will be released and our great grandchildren may see the sky on fire; due to the Methane Gas release.

Point (4), the inner core of the Earth magma chamber being under pressure ( like a stove pressure cooker ) thus, arranging for one (1) degree of heating to multiply ( thus, Earth’s Magma Chamber will expand due to Man’s global warming ); leading to Volcanic action that is now popping up all over the Earth’s land mass and under the Earth’s Ocean’s where man can not see; that will lead to the Ocean’s increasing in temperature. 

And this will be the tell-tail-sign of the destruction to come and end of the Earth.

TEST:  Put an egg in the microwave oven set tempature and radiate slowly by heating the egg first; look it expands, splits; (May ooze material)  (liquid)-volcanic action, (steam)-methane gas out of the egg and explodes from within busting outward!


18 Oct
National Register of Historic Places listings ...

National Register of Historic Places listings in Androscoggin County, Maine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How would French Cultural Genealogy; aid Lewiston and Maine in building a stronger econeomically based community.

1.  If Maine and Lewiston would aspire to greater hights, by attempting to reach out to France by strengthening it cultural genealogy;  we might commence a trade pact with France in the globel market place, by producing French Car’s, bottling of wine or other products (AirBus).

2.  In doing this, it might generate the Searsport Ocean Terninal; thus, leading to the need of the East to West Highway and job development.

* French speaking people in the world; is expected to reach 1 Billion by 2060 and represents about 1 – 7th of the total world population, of the world we live in.   Think of the potential market ! !

LEWISTON WARD’s    1,  2,  3, 4,  5,  6,  7  vote Mr. Charles Arthur Soule for Lewiston Mayor.



8 Oct

I can not consent to consolidation of the twin cities when Lewiston is acting so irresponsible as of October 2013;  REASONING:
A.  Since 2004; Over $38 million ( Three (3) PARKING GARGAGES, ONE (1) CITY PARK INCLUDED and HEATING OF STRUCTURE ) has been spent at the Bates Mill site, while the rest of Lewiston was burnt, fell into disrepair and accompaning lay off of Teacher’s, Fire and Police personnel. It is time to move away from the financing of the Bates Mill Facilities. But, not entirely; (Give a discontinue date) as we can not afford to withdraw our Investment as yet.
B.  Lewiston was going to buy the Canal from a Electric Company for 20 thousand dollars for 10 years of payment to that electric company and transfer of Lewiston owned property.  The Lewiston Newspaper’s did not let the Public know that the Canal was leaking and needed $750 thousand dollars repair job. So, I paid for printing in newspaper.
C.  Lewiston City Council sold the Androscoggin Colisee after 10 million dollars renovation for 1.2 million, financed the loan; with no interest and gave the company 5 year before the first payment was do.  Then, they renegotiated the contract with the Company they sold it to with them 26 thousand behind in Taxes to the City of Lewiston Taxpayer’s and a massing a per diem cost of 4 dollars and some cents; with the company’s first payment due in a few months on the last contract; of $50 thousand dollars in a couple of months. I spoke for non renewal at Lewiston City Counsel Meeting.
D.  Then, Democracy is stifled; as both Mayoral (Gilbert and Macdonald) on the Ballot Candidates have gaveled me at Lewiston City Council Meetings.  (Democracy is inclusive.)
And, this is the reason I can not sign on to Consolidation with Auburn and Lewiston at this time; though I purposed this in an Article to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine in a Letter to the Editor in 4 / 10 / 2006 circulation of that days run of the paper.
Beware of the Local Newspaper’s secret agenda…that is all I ask !
POST SCRIPT: Remember, the Casella; Trash to Cash Deal, when Casela was going to import out of State Garbage and burn it at the Auburn Facility to a tune of 200 thousand ton’s that would have filled the Lewiston Dump, and left the City Taxpayer’s looking for a New E.P.A Approved Land Fill Site in Lewiston, Maine in 14 years? And, what about the traffic it would have caused as truck, after truck, after truck, after truck came rolling down the Auburn and Lewiston Road’s and Highway’s.
Mr. CHARLES ARTHUR SOULE, WAS THE 1973 Edward Little High School Class President, Student Senate President. President of the Young Republicans, Daughter’s of the American Reveloution “GOOD CITIZENSHIP” Award Winner, Delegate to “Boy State” (Appointed Maine Chief Justice; Supreme Court).
MR. CHIP MORRISON of the Lewiston and Auburn Chamber of Commerce is now backing my; my opinion after 8 years and I wonder why, perhaps the Chamber and Business Leader in the communities think they might shift some of their Business tax burden onto the residential property owner of the Lewiston and Auburn.
Oringinal publication of this Article on my web-site was on November of 2013. This summary is condensed for savings on paper.


WHO AM I = we are an accumulation of all our yesterdays; today

9 Aug
Flag of the Franco-Americans

Flag of the Franco-Americans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ASSOCIATED WEB SITE;    W. W. W. O N L I N E W E B F I R E. W O R D P R E S S. C O M; to reach

Education:  Graduated from Edward Little High School; Auburn Heights, Auburn, Maine after attending several other area schools in Maine.

Sacred Heart, Parochial School, Auburn. Living in foster care.

Wallace  Elementary School, Lewiston, Maine.  Living with mother.

Saint Joseph Parochial School, Lewiston, Maine. Living with mother.

Fairview Elementary School, Auburn, Maine. Living with mother.

Central Elementary School, Auburn, Maine. Living with mother.

Webster Elementary Schools, Auburn, Maine. Living with mother to father.

( One lessen learned during this above period; which applies to Lewiston City Administration and Newspaper, white washing ( painting ) every problem, is that; you can only white wash a fence so many times.  After that it startes to rot from within; as was happening after years of white washing ( painting ) my father’s fence 13 Highland Ave., Lewiston)..  Lewiston is showing signs of this in taxes and school budget and othe rarea.

Montello Elementary School, Lewiston, Maine. Living with father.

Lewiston High School, Lewiston, Maine. Living with father.

Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine. Living with mother  –  Class President, Student Senate President, Maine – Boy State Delegate, Catholic Youth Organization – President and Daughter’s of the American Revolution; Good Citizen Award recipient.

And, School of Hard Knocks.

Circumnavigated / flew around the world;   Pan Am Airline one (1),   USAF C141 strapped to the side of Cargo Plane Kodiak Alaska to Clark Airforce Base; Philippines,    P3C Orions Anti-Submarine Warfare Squardon VP – 47; Moffitt Field, Mountain View, California    Treasure Island, San Francisco, California,   727 American Airline,   747 American Airlines,    USN E2C Cod Flight off the USS Kitty Hawk (CV63) attached I attached to a Carrier Early Warning Squadron VAW – 122 out of Norfolk, Virginia  and  Naval Submarine Base, Groton, Connecticut – (New london)

Veteran of a forign “Police Action” Schooling: Vietnam

Basic Trainning Glakes,  Great Lakes, ILL. 12 / 73

“A” School Administrative Specialist); San Diego, California.  1974  (160 credit hours )

Naval Firefighting School (40 Credit  hours), Norfolk, Virginia.  1978  ( 40 credit hours )

Set up U. S. Navy;  VP-47 Anti Submarine Warfare Wing;  Air Training Schedule. (During this period;  I was land based and attended  Foothill College, Los Altos, California on the Military.  1975

Drug and Alcohol Command Representative School.  1978

Qualified for Maine State Instructor Teachers License; Maine State Education and cultural Affair’s. 1981 -1984

MY LAST SET OF ORDERS WERE TO North Alantic Treaty Organization Supreme Allied Command ( NATO ), Norfolk, Virginia

Purchasing Agent and Cost analysis; O’brian Consolidated Industries (Machine Tool and Die), Lewiston, Maine  (Laid off due to IMPORTS)   Re-educated under Federal Retraining Act; due to displacement by foreign trade. Purchased photo neumatic eyes, limit switches, ordered metals by pound like D2, D4, C12L14, C12L15, C12L16, aluminium (  extrudes,  6061 – 6062 -t9, 6062 – t6) Cobalt, titanium, Carbide, Copper-chromium, 401 Stainless Steel, and assorted other Metals such as Pipe with wall of 1/2 inch thick plus.  And, a variety of Screws, Nuts and Bolts. Square “D” Electonic Components. Plastics – assorted Mil rating, tinsel,  Rockwell, Diamond and Beryllium Hardness.  All items off of Blue Prints and produced Prints for items to be manufactured.

Commercial Drivers License Class  “A ” Driving School – trans continental over the road,  United States coast to coast driver all fifty (50) states. 1987 – Donley Tractor Trailer, Topsham, Maine

Maine Licensced to transport Hazard Material 1988 – Maine testing procedures. 100 thousand Mile Safe Driving Awarded by Trism Specilities Tramsportation 1990. ( Military Equipment and explosives (Sealed) )

Apple  Computer  tutorial – Thanks to the Lewiston Library and Director Rick Speer.


Military Station Servied on:  1973 1979

Naval Training Command, Great Lakes, ILL. E1,  Naval Training Command San Diego, CA.,  Naval Communication Station, Diego Garcia; as a Logistic Suport Component Personnel, British Indian Ocean Territories ( Honor Sailor, BEST. Joint British and American Command;  Sailor of the Quarter ) E2, VP-47 Moffett Feild, Ca.,  Naval Submarine School, Groton (New London) CT. E3, VAW-122 Carrier Early Warning Squardron, Norfolk, VA E4 – E5;  deployed to the USS KITTY HAWK ( CV-63 ) out of Hunnington Beach, CA..

DREAMS AND REALITIES: We are an accumulation, of all our yesterdays; today.

10 Jul
English: Main entrance of the Lewiston Sun Jou...

English: Main entrance of the Lewiston Sun Journal main office on Park Street in Lewiston, Maine (Photo credit: Wikipedia) WARD 5 Vote charles soule city council; Ward’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 Write-In Charles Soule; Dreams can come true…

It has been my dream to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine since 1987; and now realize, at age Sixty (60);that I must, listen to others rather than listen to myself all the time.

I am saddened by the enlightenment from a good and honest friend that being Lewiston City Counselor Ward Five (5) would be a stepping stone for further, future developments; but, these are not usual times. No Government (R) and (D) void of Leadership.

(25 July 2013)

HAVE COLLECTED THIS DAY, THE 50 REGISTERED LEWISTON VOTER WARD # 5 SIGNATURES; SO I WILL APPEAR ON THE BALLOT THIS NOVEMBER 2013 AS CANDIDATE FOR WARD #5 COUNSELOR. This action was prompted by The Lewiston SUN JOURNAL’S publication 24 July 2013, that I had filed all signatures; Lewiston Registered Voter Signature’s from Ward 5 residents required to Qualify for the Ballot as Ward 5 Counselor Candidate in Novembers upcomming 5 November 2013 elections. The inccorrect information was the doing of a Reporter a Mr. Scott Taylor of the Lewiston Sun Journal, Lewiston, respectfully. ( I had to submit the last of my signatures for Ward 5 so / to not look as if I was wavering. I will now be seeking a WRITE-IN FOR MAYOR of Lewiston, and ON THE BALLOT FOR WARD 5 Lewiston City Counsel.

I wish to add that a University of Southern Maine; Veterans Group, was in nagotiations with me as to their collecting the required signatures for me to run for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine (100). The Local Newspaper omitted this from it Corrections Article in the Lewiston Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine…?

Please afford me the opportunity to add; that the Lewiston City Clerk’s Office has for years treated me with the utmost respect in all things in my year’s of running for political office in Lewiston, Maine. And, I wish now to thank them.

( And, at times I am not easy to work with, if I feel slighted. )


Respectfully, Charles A. Soule

Demolition of the City of Lewiston condemed building’s under the privy of the City of Lewiston

10 May

40 or more building fall under the city of Lewiston administrative control – privy as of the date.

I would like to, at this time suggest that the city offer; that the City of Lewiston will demolish the structures and give the property to acquirer; if the individual will pay the Lewiston City yearly Tax’s due on the property without inclusion of the structures at the time of acquisition by the purchaser from the City of Lewiston, Maine. The purchaser will pay the year of transference to them, year one (1); only and no prior property taxes to the City of Lewiston.

Thus, this would pay for the removal of all structure and provide the City of Lewiston, Maine with no lose revenue of Property Tax to the City of Lewiston, Maine.

It would also allow, no cost properties to the buyers and no loan; or loan interest; allowing the new owner to pay the taxes on the property.



24 Apr


Charles A. Soule of Lewiston receives a free medical check-up from Dr. Robert Show of Caribou on Saturday, October 2012 during the 15 annual Veteran’s Stand-Down at Togus VA Medical Center.

Charles A. Soule of Lewiston is another example of a veteran whose life was turned around by the Veteran’s Administration.  Three years ago, when he was attempting to aid a young lady off of Crack addiction, he was accosted and left several of the bones in his face broken,

Roxbury, Massachusetts Veterans Administration doctor’s, rebuilt the right side of his face.  Today, even a doctor at the  Tougus VA Stand-Down could hardly tell that Soule had even been injured due to the procedure of operating from the inside of Soule’s mouth.





Former candidate for Mayor of Lewiston found not guilty of assault 12/17/2012 – Lewiston Sun Journal

20 Apr

A jury at Androscoggin Superior Court, Auburn found frequent Lewiston mayoral candidate Charles A. Soule not guilty Monday of a misdemeanor assault charge in connection with an incident where he said he had come to the aid of a child.

Soule, 60 of 135 Bartlett St., Lewiston was charged with assault after a Lewiston police officer cpl. T. Murphy said he witnessed Soule pick up a young boy three times, them slam him to the ground last year.  The boy did not require hospital treatment. “This was a deliberate attempt to de-rail my campaign.” soule said.

Soule, who was at the time, running for a Lewiston political office stated he had scuffled with the 8-year-old-boy, but said he had done so in defense of a smaller boy.  He had been sitting in front of this home when he saw two groups of kids begin a street shoving match, he said.

When one of the kids started to put another one in a choke hold, soule took action, he told the Sun Journal in an earlier interview.  What might have looked like an assault was actually the boy slipping and falling do to his unruliness, Soule had said.

The trial lasted about three hours in Androscoggin County Superior Court.  The jury deliberated for more than an hour.  In repeated notes to the Judge Mary G. Kennedy, jurors asked that the legal definition of “assault” be read back twice before acquitting Soule.

Prosecutors called to the witness stand several people, including the arresting officer and the boy, now 10 years old, who police said was the victim of Soule’s alleged assault. (( Corporal Thomas Murphy of the Lewiston Police Department; state he watch as Soule through the child, three time to the ground as he watched from his private vehicle, in uniform and was thinking about intervening in the roughhousing of the boys; to the Androscoggin Superior Court, Auburn Jury.))

Charles A. Soule took the stand and his attorney, Lorne Fairbanks, called several witnesses who said they witnessed the incident, including two children and a neighbor.

Soule made an unsuccessful run for mayor last year as a write-in-candidate, stating that Lewiston needs help, after the incident.  He has been a frequent candidate for elective office running nine time and losing in local Lewiston politics.   






Vouchers for Private and Parochial Schools

13 Apr

Voucher; of that portion of the school year budget, that would have been allotted for your child for that school year;  reasoning:

Lengthen school year (currently 175 day’s).

Lengthen school day; alleviating cost associated with, need for child care / latch key children / prior to school or after school. 

Creation of new teacher position; as new teacher maybe hired for less. (current starting pay 40 thousand a year.)  Thus, creation of more teaching positions…in a recessive economy….YES WE CAN.

CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF MANE; dumping their problems on residential of Maine

19 Jul

1. Refugees in Maine have come from over 30 countries !  “Really” (source: I, Charles Arthur Soule have no problem / malice or ill intent towards these refugees. And will not; abide to anyone holding MALACE or ILL INTEND to their predicament. But, rather sympathy and compassion for their trust in individuals that led them to there present situation. After all; my Grandfather on my fathers side was from Canada (Back to France; and I would be guillotined if I went back; with a little Mick Mack tribe of area mixed in.); but he had to prove he would not be a burden on Lewiston, Maine and the United States of America to enter. (YES I AM; THE SECOND GENERATION ON MY FATHERS SIDE OF THE FAMILY AND BACK TO THE “Mayflower” on my mother side. And this can be attested to by the Local Chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution). 2. Why, is Catholic Charities of Maine; not providing the resources that are required for these 30 countries refugees.   After all;  they are paid to aid these refuges; (Through Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine Department of Health and Human Services, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Refugee Resettlement, U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration and Refugee Services, United Way of Greater Portland and Donations from Parishes, Corporations, Community Organizations, Families and Individuals) into this country / Maine and if they can not afford to aid these refugees, why are they passing the financial burden on to the residents of Portland and Lewiston, Maine as to having to support them through their residental property Taxes, saving accounts, retirement pensions and children’s inheritance and our children’s future (displacing do to job creation for these 30 countries refugees of our children; because they do not speak English (Library, City Hall’s, Maine Department of Health and Human Services…etc.) 3. Then, there are the support groups that receive assistance from US. For instance Federal Tax exempted 501c non profit’s…and so on. 4. Let it be known; that I have no problem with the migrant that is here Legally or Asylum seeker that is already here! But, do we need to be allowing migration to the United States of America in a recessionary economy; when we can not even employ our own people – children. 5. TO GOVERNOR OF MAINE – MR. PAUL RICHARD LE PAGE ; THIS IS THE QUESTION YOU SHOULD BE ASKING. Respectfully, Charles Arthur Soule, Lewiston, Maine. HIS, Charles Arthur Soule; ONLY CRIME WAS THAT HE HAD COURAGE AND SPOKE HIS MIND…When the Law is confused we all suffer! These are our laws and your finest possession. It makes you free United States Citizens, in a free country. AND THEN THINK – Think of this country and of the laws that make it what it is. Think of a world longing for this very Law! Then maybe you’ll understand why you ought to guard it, and why the Law has got to be the personal concern of every United States Citizen, to uphold it and not circumvent or side step it as ” Path to Citizenship for Illegals ” , for our neighbor as well as for ourselves. Another mistake is for any United States Citizen to look upon the Law’s of this country as just a set of principles. Just so much language printed in media forms. Something Citizens recite and than leans back and takes it for granted that justice is automatically being served and done. The Law must be engraved in our hearts and practiced every minute of the day, to it’s letter and religious spirit. It can’t even exist unless we are willing to go down into the dust and blood and fight a battle each and every day of our life to preserve it, for our future, neighbor’s, self, children and grandchildren. aforementioned from a Cary Grant movie. ARTICLE CONDENSED TO SAVE PAPER –


9 Apr

Plan to replace fire-damaged housing back before Lewiston City Council; 15 April 2014 at 0700PM ; will

Damage the businesses of landlords that have worked years to build a retirement plan and have paid taxes. (There are a lot of two story dwelling Landlords throughout the city that will be affected by the construction of 29 more units in an already overly crowed part of the city. ( No dense pack housing; this is a thing of the past and people should not be housed under each others nose. This leads to neighborhood problems, adds to policing and one fire in the building could wipe out the entire 29 units.)

The possible loss of more taxpaying buildings of established landlords, competing for tenants; might and could lead to an increase in Lewiston Community Property Taxes and an increase in rent to tenants.

Then, there is the fact; that there are a number of vacant apartment in the city of Lewiston and major projects (renovations) underway; like the one on the corner of Bartlett St. and Birch St.( 8 units), Blake St. (3 units) that will be adding to the number of apartments now available in the City of Lewiston. ( It is my belief that these now being renovated properties, may be using Lewiston city low interest loans at a 0 to 3 percent interest on their aquired city loan. )

Remember; that people are living longer lives, that for at lot of older persons their tenements are used and were planned on for retirement incomes and as a hedge from future inflation.

I will challange the Project, by stating it must go through the Lewiston City (REGULAR) Planning Board again from start to finish and come before the Lewiston City Council again, in a non hastily way as not to appear as to be giving the residents of Lewiston the ‘BUM RUSH’ just to take in monies that have been on hold from sources of the State of Maine od federal government.


ACCORDING TO THAT PROPOSAL, Volunteers of America Northern New England WOULD HAVE REPLACED BUILDINGS ON LOTS BURNED IN A DOWN-TOWN BLAZE MAY 3. THE City of Lewiston WOULD HAVE TAKEN OVER THE PROPERTIES AND GIVEN THEM TO Volunteers of America Northern New England AT NO COST, WOULD HAVE WAIVED FEES (Do not agree with this fee waivering) ON THE PROJECT AND CREATED A 15 YEAR TAX INCREMENT FINANCING DISTRICT (Do not agree with this at Taxpayer expense).

Now, comes a the new wave of Lewiston, Maine fires for this year at five new locations and no suspect.


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