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Lets look @ Private School “VOUCHERS.” as a remedy ?

13 Apr
*  Should, public schools offer over night boarding ?

I had been advocating this Voucher idea for quite some years – 2013 when this was first published.

And, was laughed at.

I sometimes think I am ahead of the curve / times.

Voucher´s,  for that portion of the Lewiston school year, Lewiston School Budget to allow Lewiston Students to opt out of the Lewiston Public School system with that portion of the Lewiston school budget that would have been allocated for your children for that school year and shall be utilized in the State of Maine.


Could lengthen school year (currently 175 day’s). Teacher are pressing for $40 thousand dollars a year salaries; plus, insurance and all their teacher work shops that seem to occur on a Friday leading to a 4 day weekend.

Public school system has to many days off and fragmented instructional school calendar.

Could lengthen school day; alleviating cost associated with, need for child care family cost / latch key children / prior to school or after school.

Could create new teacher position’s (jobs); as, new teacher may be hired for less. (Lewiston, teacher’s get a raise for every year they are teaching in the Lewiston, Maine system and this is called a step raise.  Which, will be adding $750 dollar’s to the city budget for 2019 automatically.  (Lewiston, Maine’s school budget to rise by 10 million on fiscal year budget 2019 due in June.

Lessen school vacation time (summer – week’s in winter) and teacher workshops on Wednesday’s, Fridays and Mondays.

Thus, creation of more teaching positions in a recessive economy.

Spark facilities, in local neighborhoods and communities.

Increase the school day hour’s and create less latch key children as their parent are at work. (Because, some children get out of present day schools at 1:45 pm.  Thus, having the parents pay for babysitting as not to have latch key children and increasing associated school cost to parent (s).