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“Maine” WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLET. Click, on anything red. Just, because U talk Immigration does not make U A racist. Click, on anything “Not” racist .

19 Jul

n1. Refugees in Maine have come from over 30 countries!  (source: . Catholic Charities of Maine;  I, Charles Arthur Soule have no problem / malice or ill intent towards these refugees. And will not; abide to anyone holding MALICE or ILL INTEND to their predicament. But, rather sympathy and compassion for their trust in individuals that led them to their present situation. After all; my Grandfather on my father’s side was from Canada (Back to France; and I would be guillotined if I went back; but he had to prove he would not be a burden on Lewiston, Maine and the United States of America to enter. (YES I AM; THE SECOND GENERATION ON MY FATHER’S SIDE OF THE FAMILY; AND THEN, BACK TO THE “Mayflower” ON MY MOTHER’S SIDEo.  (And, this can be attested to by the Local Chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution as I won an award from them.)

2. Why, is Catholic Charities of Maine; not providing the resources that are required for these 30 countries refugee.  After, all; they are paid to aid these refuges; (Through Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine Department of Health and Human Services, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Refugee Resettlement, U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration and Refugee Services, United Way of Greater Portland and Donations from Parishes, Corporations, Community Organizations, Families and Individuals) into this country / Maine and if they can not afford to aid these refugees, why are they passing the financial responsibility on to the residents of Portland and Lewiston, Maine as well; as, to having to support them through their residential property Taxes, Business taxes, saving accounts, retirement pensions and children’s inheritance and our children’s future by displacing do to job creation for these 30 countries refugees. How, by not hiring of our children; because, they do not speak English (Library, City Hall’s, Maine Department of Health and Human Services…etc.) though they may have taken college for the specific job and now must pay back student loans or have their credit ruined.  

And, to think that Catholic Charity of Maine; must, only spend monies by government authorization $800.00 OF THE $2000.00 they get from the Federal Government on the new immigrants the half heartily help.

3. Then, there are the support groups that receive assistance from U. S. Government. For, instance Federal Tax exempt 501c non profit’s…and so on.  That, derive their living from immigration and I believe have become special interest groups pandering to the commercialized (TV, Radio, Print media, ect.) sympathy of the Nation.

4. Let it be known; that, I have no problem with the migrant that is here Legally or Asylum seeker that is already here!  But, do we need to be allowing migration to the United States of America in a recessionary economy; when, we can not even fully employ our own people – children




* There is the fact that this will allow for a property reassessment. And, could lead to Business taxes being passed to towns residents property.

*If, it were such a good idea. Why, dit mr. morrison and mr. gosslelin not bring this issue up when they were (in order) president of the greater androscoggin chamber and head of the Lewiston – Auburn economic growth council. Maybe, it was the dollars they were receiving ?

*What or who, gave the connects – it or consolidation committee; the authority to become the “YES” side for CONNECTS – IT. As, they were voted on to be an advisory committee to the two city council . . . Vote “NO” on CONNECTS- IT.

1.  All signs will have to be changed.

2. All cities and state personal documentation will have to be changed such as Birth certificates and Drivers License.

3. All cities administrations web-sites and private Businesses web-sites will have to be changed.

4. All Navigational GPS car inputs will have to be changed.

6. All business letterheads and Cities business forms.