DEMOCRAT’S, will not allow DACA to become law until after midterm elections. Using, as an election effort “Card”.

17 Dec

Yes, if you were born in the late 1940’s, 1950’s 1960’s and grew to an age of adulthood; you, are the second greatest generations to come along.  The reason is you are a, “Baby Boomer”.

1.  You set yourself a side; nullified or invalidated by afording other an opportunity; equal rights for minorities blacks, women’s right’s and alternative rights.

a.  Affirmative action:  Promotions on the job and voting rights.

b.  Equal opportunity:  Quotes – College entrance, Employment and Voting rights.

2.  You marched for the rights of other, forgetting your own rights or displacing your own rights; by marching.

a.  Equal rights for Blacks.

b.  Equal rights for women.

c.  Equal rights for Gays.

3.  You allow the “Great Society” to flourish and be nurtured; food stamps, Medicare, Aid to dependent Children (Led to replacement of the father in household) rent subsides, phone subsides, college subsides at taxpayer’s expense for dependent mothers with children, rides to appointments at taxpayer’s expense for dependent people (will exempt the elderly) and cable subsides.

4.  And now, the United States Supreme Court Decision, revealed deep division among the justices, over the government’s role in protecting minorities over all other students equal to the standards of the colleges and universities.

5,  Perhaps it is time to see how well this transformation period of “Affirmative Action and Quotas”.   That you allowed has progressed us as a nation to normal relation with our fellow citizens to the benefited from your stepping aside; nullifying or invalidation ourselves in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

If, you are older or younger.  Think, we do not drink from different fountains or go to segregated school, church, hospital or restaurants.  This, was an accomplishment being overlooked by the young people as if there was nothing accomplished in the last 65 years of my life and 90 years of my still living mother era.

6.  As a youth male growing up in this time frame.   I would like to comment!  I have noticed the changes not to the positive in some areas.  And, for you young people who might construe this the wrong way.   I, have the option / obligation to inform you that you do not see; what, once was or came before.  But, rather is in front of you, “Now”.

7.  And now, with the influx or illegal Hispanics and other migrants just as the two, White and Black generations were adjusting to their new not quite completed created society. More problems through immigration are dividing the Black and White communities as the 2008 – 2009 Wall Street crash and Bernard Lawrence (Bernie) Madoff, ponzi scheme producing a recession and a shortage of money and jobs to meet the needs of the Black and White initial participants of the Rights; Movements.

8.  My judgment is “The Second Greatest Generation” is the second greatest generation.  Great to it’s self, it’s parents, children, – black population’s, grandchildren and future generations for allowing this transfer of out dated ideology too be transformed to better not itself; but, the future of the whole United States of America.

9.  According to the local Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal Newspaper, Lewiston, Maine; an article stated that the Hispanics will be the predominant race in the United State of America School System by 2014.

Yes, there is much more work to be done on Issues.  But, now there are new Issue that are at hand immigration, race relations, job, security  .   .   .  .   so on.  But, we have moved ahead.

Post Script:

My parents were the 1st great generation and mine is the second    .     .    .    .    . yous is still be created ?


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