WHO AM I; TO SPEAK: we are an accumulation of all our yesterdays; today. Category: BLAST FROM THE PAST.

12 Jan


Sacred Heart School – Parochial at Western Avenue, Auburn, Maine. Was living in a foster care in 1960 on   And, watched as the current Edward Little High School at Auburn Heights, Auburn, Maine was being built.

Wallace School – Public, Lewiston, Maine; Living with mother.

Saint Joseph School – parochial; Lewiston, Maine; Living with mother.

Fairview Elementary school – Public, Auburn, Maine; Living with mother and new stepfather.

Central Elementary School – Public, Auburn, Maine; Living with mother and stepfather.

Webster Elementary School – Public, Auburn, Maine; Living with mother and stepfather.

Montello Elementary school – Public, Auburn, Maine; Living with father and giving stepmother.

Lewiston High School – Public, Lewiston, Maine; Living with father and giving stepmother.

Edward Little High School – Public, Auburn, Maine; Living with mother and stepfather,  Jr. – Sr. Class President 1972 -1973, Boy State Delegate, Daughter’s of the American Revolution, ” Good Citizen Award Recipient “.


Naval Basic Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois. 1973: six weeks.

Naval Administrative Training Command, San Diego, California. 1974: 160 credit hours.

On base Foothill College, los altos, California course’s – 1974 – 1975; Moffett Field, California.

Naval Submarine Training Command, New London, Connecticut. 1976: unable to finish do to ear squeezing, level 3

Naval Shipboard Firefighting Command, Norfolk, Virginia. 1977:  40 credit hours and they lit fires under us to simulate steel grading engine room fire; escape from.

Naval Drug and Alcohol Command Representative Training Command, Norfolk, Virginia. 1977: 40 credit hours.

Qualified for testing on Maine State Instructor License; Maine State Department of Education and Cultural Affair’s: 1981 – 1984 Mr. Raymond Hodgkin.


Circumnavigated the Earth; Pan American one; United States Air force C 141, strapped to the inside of cargo plane headed to Kodiak, Alaska on way to Clark Air Force Base, Philippines to Naval Communications Station, Diego Garcia British Indian Ocean where I received; the Joint British and American, ” Sailor of the Quarter Award “; Lockheed P3C Orion Anti-submarine Warfare; Squadron VP-47, Moffitt Field, Mountain View, California; Treasure Island, San Francisco, California; Aircraft that I have travel on, 727 – 747, E2C attached to VAW-122 headed to the Aircraft Carrier USS KITTY HAWK (CV-63).

My last set of orders were to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Supreme Allied Command (NATO) as an Enlisted 5


Canada – Quebec; Mexico – Ciudad Juarez – Nuevo Laredo – Tijuana; Thailand – Bangkok; Philippines – Clark Air force Base – U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay – Olongopo; Hong Kong; Singapore; Japan – Tokyo – Yokosuka; Israel – Tel Aviv; Britain – London; Germany – Frankfurt; India – Bombay.

Jobs and education; I have always contented that on the job education is worth more than in the Classroom education, as it entails all factors of the job.  Such as climate, special problems, locations, personality issues and home effects.

Manager of Social Club in Lewiston, Maine 1979-1981

Schooling 1981 – 84.

Set-up small business while going to school; 1982 – 1987; closed due to landlord retiring and wanting my space for retirement office.  ( I must admit; I was sleeping on the floor of the shop and working a 40 hour week (7:00 am – 3:30 pm daily) for O’Brien Consolidated Industries at the time; while showering at the Auburn, Maine, Young Men’s Christian Association mornings which was located across the street and opening my shop nights and weekends.)

.They say that Space is not the last frontier; try going into business in a recessionary economy with child support to pay, not being able to afford tow rents, phones (on wall at the time or pager) and duel electric bills.

O’Brien Consolidated Industries -1982 – 1986.  Purchasing Agent and cost analysis; Purchased photo pneumatic eyes, limit switches, ordered metals by the pound like D2, D4, C12L14 -16, aluminum 6061 and aluminum extrudes, cobalt , titanium, carbide, copper-chromium, 401 stainless steel, and assortment of other metals; such as pipe (walls), and assorted screws, nuts, bolts, square “D” electrical panel boxes, palm buttons, cylinders with stroke, plastics with assorted mill ratings, and pneumatic pressure tubing.

All items were off a blueprint; and materials were Rockwell and Beryllium hardness tested with pyro – vulcanization of materials. Pyrotechnics handling and qualities.



Acquired; Maine Commercial Driver’s License, Class “A” with Hazardous Material Endorsement.

Became a trans-continental, 48 states over the road driver; cost to cost from Donley Tractor Trailer Driving School, Topsham, Maine – 1988.

Reeducated::  Maine Licensed to transport Hazard Material Endorsement not easy task.

Received from TRISM Specialties Carrier, Joplin, Missouri Safe Driving Award for doing 126 thousand mile of safe driving in 2001.

It was not all bad; but, cost me valuable time with my infant children.

I would not change my live; or, relive it; but, would rather change some aspect of my live; as we are all, an accumulation of our yesterdays; today.


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