BLAST FROM THE PAST: >>>>>>>>>>>> LEWISTON, MAINE NEW POLICE CHIEF: GREATFALL’S GAZETTE, Looseston, Maine: “A mothers nightmare.”

21 Feb

So, it was quite by chance that it was found out; but, now is known; Detective Sergeant B. T. O’Mally soon to be promoted to Acting Chief and Chief; a short stocky individual with a 1960’s flat top haircut, impeccably suited attire; is seated at his Looseston, Main-a Police Department desk; with head in hands and looking down.

Years or so ago, he as a young Looseston Police Patrol Office for the City of Looseston, Maine; allegedly had sexual contact with an under aged girl in the back seat of his Looseston Maine a Police Department’s Patrol Cruiser; providing, alcohol and drugs to her for sexual favors

Upon hearing of this offense, which, is punishable by years in jail; by a Looseston, Maine Police Department Officer from her under aged daughter the heart heavy mother reported this to the appropriate authorities at the Looseston, Maine Police Department.  And, was brushed off rapidly after an investigation by the Lewiston, Maine Police Department investigating one of it’s own officers.

In confusion and bewilderment by this action by law enforcement; that. she was taught to trust.  Both, the mother and her daughter; now, have a resentment and disdain towards authority figures.

When I as a reporter, for the Great fall’s Gazette was called to action the mother had endured year’s of anxiety, frustration and dismay as she watched her daughter; now, in jail succumb to a life of confusion and dread; “to a bitter end”.

What; will, become of the mother a Mrs. Bonny (Emerson) Gammon of the sexually abused child?

What; will, become of this innocent child who’s name will remain protected by this reporter?

What, will become of the soon to be promoted to Chief of the Looseston, Maine Police Department; Officer B. T. O’Mally of Looseston, Maine now to be Acting Chief of the Looseston Maine Police Department and crony to the misdealing of the Lewiston Police Department and endorsed by the Lewiston, Maine City Administration; that allows no public comment period in the choosing of the New Lewiston Police Chief and allegiant to be hiring from inside the Police Department to hide passed indiscretions of the Department and Lewiston City Officials in Business transaction on behalf of the Residents of Lewiston, Maine.

Stay tuned to this  unfolding headliner story that will not show up in your local Newspapers and Twin Cities Newspaper !

POST SCRIPT; The Looseston, Maine Police Department has warned me that they would take action against me for promulgation of this truly believable story?

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