BLAST FROM THE PAST: 2nd, meeting of the Lewiston, Maine; Lewiston Housing Advisory Board. Meeting, of 11 March 2015.

11 Mar

Under the Public Housing Agency (PHA) Annual Plan Section 511 of the United States Housing Act and Regulation’s in 24 CFR PART 903; a meeting was held on 3/11/2015 at the Offices of the Lewiston, Maine; 1 College Street, Lewiston, Maine facilities.

Item 1: Acceptance of the Meeting Minutes of 3/4/2015.  Excepted

Mr. Adbullahi  M. Abdulle was present to interpret for Arabic.

Chairman of the Board; Mr. Charles Arthur Soule of the Lewiston Housing Authority; Residents Advisory Board was present as will as was; Mr. Adbullahi Abdulle, Mr. Thomas McDonald and  Amer Abbood.


1.  We, through a consensus; purpose that the State of Maine Housing Authority State wide System; be allow to be of a collective nature as to distribution of vouchers .  Example; Lewiston, Auburn, Brunswick, Lisbon, Mechanic Falls or entire State of Maine; combine State wide voucher in-turn-list program and offer top of the list; candidates, option to move into other area; if, location of voucher is desirable and believe this to be an aid to facilitate full utilization of Section 8 Vouchers to the State of Maine and affect areas.

2. Lewiston Maine or State of Maine wide Section 8; Housing; Authorities be allow to acquire Community Development Block Grants monies from their prospective municipalities and be allow to offer Landlords of Lewiston, Maine or Maine State wide; funding, for placement of cameras on Lewiston Housing Voucher Program or Maine State wide landlords participant properties; in common areas, to insure tenants personal safety.  And, as common areas are deemed; (laundry rooms, hallways, ect.); where no expectation of privacy is expected it be granted.  Suggestion brought forward by Amer Abbood member of the Lewiston, Maine Housing Authority; Resident Advisory Board.

Meeting was called to Order; at 2:00 PM and adjourned at 3:00 PM.

TOPIC FOR NEXT MEETING; 18 March 2015 suggestions by Mr. Amer Abbood..

a.  Phone access; by number for Lewiston Housing Agency; by language.  Example; (Press (1) for on.)

b.  Application for Section 8; be in Native Language.


Section 8 Voucher Holder’s: supports Lewiston, Maine Taxes for now.


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