Second meeting for the Lewiston, Maine; Lewiston Housing Advisory Board; meeting of 11 March 2015.

11 Mar

Under the Public Housing Agency (PHA) Annual Plan Section 511 of the United States Housing Act and Regulation’s in 24 CFR PART 903; a meeting was held on 3/11/2015 at the Offices of the Lewiston, Maine; 1 College Street, Lewiston, Maine facilities.

Item 1: Acceptance of the Meeting Minutes of 3/4/2015.  Excepted

Mr. Adbullahi  M. Abdulle was present to interpret for Arabic.

Chairman of the Board; Mr. Charles Arthur Soule of the Lewiston Housing Authority; Residents Advisory Board was present as will as was; Mr. Adbullahi Abdulle, Mr. Thomas McDonald and  Amer Abbood.


1.  We, through a consensus; purpose that the State of Maine Housing Authority State wide System; be allow to be of a collective nature as to distribution of vouchers .  Example; Lewiston, Auburn, Brunswick, Lisbon, Mechanic Falls or entire State of Maine; combine State wide voucher in-turn-list program and offer top of the list; candidates, option to move into other area; if, location of voucher is desirable and believe this to be an aid to facilitate full utilization of Section 8 Vouchers to the State of Maine and affect areas.

2. Lewiston Maine or State of Maine wide Section 8; Housing; Authorities be allow to acquire Community Development Block Grants monies from their prospective municipalities and be allow to offer Landlords of Lewiston, Maine or Maine State wide; funding, for placement of cameras on Lewiston Housing Voucher Program or Maine State wide landlords participant properties; in common areas, to insure tenants personal safety.  And, as common areas are deemed; (laundry rooms, hallways, ect.); where no expectation of privacy is expected it be granted.  Suggestion brought forward by Amer Abbood member of the Lewiston, Maine Housing Authority; Resident Advisory Board.

Meeting was called to Order; at 2:00 PM and adjourned at 3:00 PM.

TOPIC FOR NEXT MEETING; 18 March 2015 suggestions by Mr. Amer Abbood..

a.  Phone access; by number for Lewiston Housing Agency; by language.  Example; (Press (1) for on.)

b.  Application for Section 8; be in Native Language.


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