A YOUTHFUL; SORROW, OF THE HEART. Click, on anything red. Article, first print; 28 August 2015: 9:35AM.

28 Aug

Yes, I may live on Bartlett Street in Lewiston, Maine, and in the heart of the city; in a three story tenement.

“To tell you the truth”!   I, would not at this time exchange my circumstance for a penthouse on Park Avenue in New York City, New York State.

I have been granted a renaissance of soul and mind that made me have to gather my composure as my chest swelled and breathing became labored; by, a non citizen of the age of 7 years old.

What you would call; “Oh”, an immigrant, a legal immigrant or documented legal immigrant, or worse.

How, by his struggling English worded statement; while, standing on the outside porch of our apartment building in the roughest part of the inner city; this child with heart felt sediment and sorrow melted my antiquated thinking and soul.

His abrupt statement; while we were lingering on the front steps of our home; was “My brother is a United States of America Citizen (14 Amendment to the Constitution by birth.) and I am not. “

This was stated as if he were inferior to his brother for not being a citizen of the United States and he in this nation under “god”.

“A SORROW OF THE HEART” fell upon me and radiated through my body sending shivers up my arms and truly made the hair stand and still occurs today went I reflect on this issue. .

I, COULD ONLY SAY; WHILE, HOLDING BACK MY STRAINED EMOTIONS;  “O’ Bed”; be patient your time will come.

And, it will!


POST SCRIPT;  We as a Nation have procrastinated on the issue of Citizenship for way too long; and, deportation of non felonious criminals; is out of the question.  And, immigrant to this country; legal or not who have had children born in this country are covered by the 14 Amendment of this country’s United States Constitution.

These children; if, deported or take to their families origin countries; could and would be in jeopardy and could be used against these United States and / or beheaded on television.

The time to act is now; and , “YES” I was a strong advocate of DEPORTATION earlier; before, we as a nation procrastinated way-too-long.

Let us now, allow teacher of the school systems that these children attend; be, allow to administer the oath of “Citizenship”. Who, better to administer the oath; I, ask you.


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