CANDIDATES NEED MORE PREPARATION; BULL: by Gabriell De Moras, Lewiston, Maine.

11 Dec


AND HERE IT IS:  Elections should not be determined by how much money one candidate has accumulated; rather, by who is best qualified.

People need training for a career.  Do presidential hopefuls (or candidates for mayor) know what the job entails?

( AND, THIS IS WHERE THE ” bs ” STARTS FOR ME? ) De moras of Lewiston, Maine everdentially has not been to my Web-site: WWW.SOULE2015MAYOR.WORDPRESS.COM; now, WWW.SOULE2017MAYOR.WORDPRESS.COM and viewed that I was the Edward Little High School Class president of the 1972, 1973 class; and, President of the Student Senate, Young Republicants, went to Maine Diego ” Boy state and was elected the Chief Justice of the Maine State Supreme Court and recieved the Daughter of the American Revolution’s ” GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD “.  ALSO, President of the Catholic Youth Organization at Sacet Heart Church of Western Ave. Auburn, Maine.  ( AND, IF YOU ARE READING THE LEWISTON NEWSPAPER; SWELL, YOU GAIN NOTHING FOR THEY OMIT MORE FACTS THAN THEY PRINT.  ))

Have they taken classes to prepare for a career in politics?

( The fact that I have been running for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine for 30 years; and, have attended regular meeting in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine for this period; should speak for itself . )

No wonder America is go down the drain.  People vote for candidates who are picked almost at random.  That goes for senators and representatives, too.

One cannot cater to certain people only, but, must work for the common good of society at large.

Everyone might have a sacrifice a bit to make the United States a better place to live.





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