16 Dec

My children were; but, one year old, 4 year old and 6 years old.

And, as the Holiday Season approached; I, found myself short of cash.

So, a friend stated that I could have a Christmas Tree; of his property from Minot, Maine.

Well, off I went and got a tree; a, Charlie Brown white pine tree witch you know is not used as a Christmas Tree at all.  So not wanting to waste the life of a tree “4 foot” in height; I took it home.

My significant other; noticed, it at once; but, the children not realizing the difference could not care less at all and into the corner it went standing proud on it’s own.

Decoration was a different part of the equation.  And, for that I had the answer; “Children I said, ” Go and get the smallest of your toy’s from your rooms; your smallest, and off the little feet pattered on the hard wooden floors; as, if on an adventure.  They soon reappeared with an excitement of the Holiday’s and their small toys in hand.

There were matchbox cars, little dolls, little soldiers, plastic rings of associated colors and a host of other small items.

” Children “; we, shall string these toys; and, hang them on the Christmas Tree.  And, so we did.

We did not have enough for the entire tree; so, we did just the front; and, left the back empty;  not that anyone would see them anyway.

We then made and ate more popcorn than we strung; and, made ” paper mache’ ” decorations with crayons from coloring books.

And, . . . . . . . . . . . . .  as night fell on us; we, turned on a soft light and peered at our days work; that is, the children that were still awake; as, it had been quite a day for some of us; as, my not yet one year old son; ” jumped ” onto my lap to reawaken; ” Me. “


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    A simple; but, most memorable ” Christmas ” .

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