FLASH-BACKS: of 20 July 2016; IS LEWISTON, MAINE ALL WET ? Click,on anything red, white or blue.

20 Jul

Well, it is on or about 5:30 am Tuesday, 19 July 2016 and I am out doing my morning walk of about a mile; while, collecting  5 cent bottles and cans on the way.

On, Birch Street I noticed a one foot sinkhole developing in the street; so, I call 911 and give the address of 75 Birch Street and that the sinkhole is in front of Telephone Pole Transformer number 25 and of course leaving my name.

Along, comes a police cruiser and places a orange chone on top of the hole.

I leave thinking all is well.

This morning Wednesday, 20 July 2016;  I was shocked to see that the sinkhole had erupted with enough water pressure as to create a hole the size of 20 foot by 6 feet and encompassed a telephone pole with the telephone pole leaning and crackling as if wood splitting.   And, not to mention  the building adjacent to its basement was being pumped out.

I then called the 911 operator and informed them that they may want to notify the electric company and have the power to Number 25 Transformer turned off in front of 75 Birch Street, Lewiston, Maine.

Now on my way I thought; what, no one or a Lewiston Police Cruiser had noticed this all night ?

On arrival of the Lewiston Public Works Crew I informed them I had call the sink hole in to 911; 24 hours ago.

The Foremen of the Lewiston Repair Crew stated, ” The Lewiston Police Department and 911 Operations had not informed us the Lewiston Public Works of the situation.

I also call the 911 operator and advised that the telephone pole was making crackling noises as it was seated in the hole now the size of Rhode Island; actually 20x6x8 and had buckled curb stones and flooded the basement of the building on the other side of the abutting curbstone sidewalk.

This, minor incident at time; will, how cost the residents of Lewiston, Maine about $34,000.00 to repair. in unexpected tax revenues.




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