No, return to “SUMMER CAMP”; Lewiston, Maine this year; 2017, like 2016. Dad, said Bakery still operating on corner of Pierce St. and Pine St., selling “Pot Pies” and Hot “Pleasuring” girls on corner ?

1 Aug

Summer Camp, is now over thanks to the creator!

So, you are probably asking; Dad, that Lewiston Summer Camp was like for little Chucky from Lewiston, Maine ?

Well, it was quite by chance that the Lewiston Summer Camp came to Lewiston’s Simard – Payne Park and the Kennedy Lewiston, Maine Inner City Park.

Thus, both are in the Inner City of Lewiston, Maine and I love riding my “Trumpcycle” on the newly established bicycle lane’s that the City of Lewiston has instituted with the help of the “Rainbow Bicycle Shop”; on Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine and the aid of Mr. Greg Saddlemire, Administrator, of a Federal Grant which aided in the creation of the Bicycle Lanes of Lewiston, Maine.

After, dropping myself off at the parks on numerous days.

I enjoyed the sights of the Inner City to which; there were sights like the “Ladies of the Night Convention” that occurred in the earliest of morning, the cruising by all sorts of vehicle as the ladies promenade all their virtues in open.

And, then the fresh aroma of “Cannabis Bread Sticks” from the must be bakery store on the corner of Pierce Street and Pine Street, Lewiston, Maine with few “Cops” in sight on numerous day; while, on my ride home from camp.

I, felt dizzy on occasion; and told “Mom” she should buy some of that “Cannabis Stick Bread”.

I was especially taken aback by all the foot trafficking as people of all assorted nationalities; ducked and weaved the the Inner Lewiston, Maine City.

Some, jumping over fences, some fitting through the smallest of crack between buildings and fences and some disappearing in vacant building and basements.

I was going to ask if I could play the form of “Hide and Seek”.  But, I was to frightened to ask.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – .

I was especially taken aback by the events in these Public Parks on the following; Saturday and allow a permit for just $12.00 a day by the City of Lewiston, Maine.

One, being the “Black Lives Matter Campaign” that a Lady a Miss DUNE called the police on me; for, just being there and complaining to the Lewiston Police Officers who dismissed her challenge as being unjust.

I suspect that since she had just been dropped off by her girlfriend; that this dropping off had set the tone for her mood ?

I then went to another gathering of I guess “Liberals” as their were multi-colored flags and other organization like one of “EX CONS”; who, was headed by an ex nurse who molested his male; minor, client and there in the gathering was the ex-mayor of Lewiston, Larry Gilbert.

And, to my surprise, I was Miss DUNE; who, once again calling the Lewiston Maine Police Department on me and her bitchiness had not subsided.

Perhaps, it was my “Trumpcycle” that I was riding; I do not know. But, I hope she enjoys the rest of her summer with without bitching at me for a change.

For, you dad could seek a “Harassment Protection Order” against her for she has failed; twice (2), in the eye of the Law !

This Sunday, was especially exciting for me as experienced the Lewiston, Maine premiere of the “Olympics”; and, this one bicyclist who won a $100.00 dollars.

I do not know if they did urinalysis testing; but, Oh well; this is Lewiston, Maine.   And, I doubt if anyone can pass the urinalysis testing process; but, of course there may be a few of the racer’s as they were a lot of nations represented; even, from Puerto Rico.

I spoke to some members of the Boys and Girls club of America; and thought, that I should be more like these young adults who volunteered their day to help others.


All in all; it, was an exciting Summer only do to the Diverse Nation Multiracial Community (Portuguese Angolans, Congolese, from the Republic of the Congo, Chinese, Somalia people(s) all three groups; the Island of Djibouti who speak french like you Dad, Bantu Somali and Somali, and Japanese.

It was the only pleasure I had on my journey; on, my way through Lewiston, Maine on my “Trumpcycle”.

For, they add a sense of balance through religious belief and perseverance in their difficult living circumstances.

Perhaps, you Dad had to over come some of their problems; as, you were a first generation Franco in American?

And, I to learned a lot from their plight Dad.

Hope you enjoyed my version of vacation at Summer Camp Lewiston, Maine.

…………………………………..Love, ……………………………………………Chucky


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