PSALM: 40:4; The wealthy falsehood pride of self.

23 Sep

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

It is easier fro a camel to get through the eye of a needle; than, a rich person ?

There can be little doubt that the world we live in today; it is as corrupt and unfaithful as in the time of the prophets.

Then as now, people were worried about the great discrepancies between people of means in the city and people without; the poor jobless not through their own fault and the disenfranchised who living in the county surrounding Lewiston, Maine today.

Even though doom and destruction is about to come upon them; the less fortunate, sees a future with hope.

But, this restoration will not come from work alone.  For, the less fortunate cannot bring it upon themselves; because, their ritual work habits and monetary wages have become meaningless and their practice of poverty on a day to day practice disconnects them from the way they see…

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