MOSES, HAD “10”. I have the other “12”.

27 Sep
    1.   Teach, that just because I get mad, scolded, place you in                corner;  does, not mean I do not love you. Explain, well the          differences.

    2.   Teach your little Man:  That all girls, women or ladies you            meet in life will not always be as loving and supportive as            your mother or as honest; and, that some may use their                feminine ways such as a smile, sexual innuendos and black        male to entice them into problem areas.

    3.   And, perhaps the most important; is, that all you need to be        happy in life is a safe place to sleep, meal a day and your              health; for, all else is extra and does not lead to death.

    4.   If, you are call upon by God and destiny to be a street                    sweeper  to make a living; than, be the best street sweeper          you can be.

    5.   My approaching 90 years young mother once told me that,           “You do not have to tell; everything to all about yourself.”           (She was referring to the troubled; areas, of one’s life.)

    6.   Do not let a year or few years of instability in your live                (Drugs, Law encounters, Marital Issues or any negative                issue.) dictate the rest of your life !   Would you throughout        the rest of the good in you out for a problem period / time in    your live ?     The average lifespan is going on 88 years young    so do the math  4 years of problems subtracted from 88 years    of potentially good years; Equals, 84 years to do the right              thing.

    7.   I once had a girlfriend that told me, “Just because we are poor; does not mean we have to look it. ”  And, that we only get one chance to impress a person (s); once; and that is at your first meeting . . . so, look your best at all times.

    8.   Never underestimate an individual’s intelligence by their        appearance; or, in other words, “judge a book by it’s cover.”

    9.   Teach your young adults to suffer or go without..  I have given this much thought and have convinced myself that this is very important.  For, it must be instilled at an early age.   How, institute no electric use for and hour, non use of electronic, no auto use….so on.  You are best to know how to implement is teaching.   This will allow you to instill an inner strength to your young adult for future possibilities of  having to go without .  * (DO NOT CARRY THIS TO EXTREMES; AS, IT IS NOT A PUNISHMENT; IT IS, FOR TEACHING AND EXPRESS THIS TO YOU YOUNG CHILDREN – ADULTS.)

    10.  Mix messages:  Example:  Telling your child that they should       not waste water.  Then complaining that they should flush the   toilet went taking a smelly number 2; as, to reduce smell.  This   would require a second flush and the child would deem the   extra flush a not to do; due, to your instructions of do not   waste H2O .

           11.  TEACH YOU CHILDREN “WELL” TO BEWARE OF SEXUAL                               SUMMERTIME PREDATORS. Or, anytime.

           12.  Do not be a divider for gain.


Welcome viewer’s of 12 February 2018 from the great Nation’s of Turkey and Canada.  You, honor me; though, I and a poor man with great thoughts.

Sorry, for the choppiness at the beginning of this Article.  Do not know that happened ?


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