28 Sep

   * AETNA Insurance (Google: money.com / aetna) pulling out of Obama Care in 15 States; and, leaving some states with one provider.

1.  He did not bring up her husband’s cigar and Monica incident in the oval office; and, her standing by a lie.   And, by they way; she, has done this on several occasions:    J.  Flower’s and Monica ?

And, I suspect; she, knew it was a lie.  “A women knows.”

2.  He, did not bring up her 44 thousand emails’ and 13 Internet server’s as Secretary of State; on, the question of  “Internet Cyber Security”; and,  her staff being granted immunity from prosecution.

3.  What and how long since she held a Public job and created jobs ?  And, do his employee’s  pay taxes on the jobs he created for them ?

4. Is it not legal; to, use the “TAX BREAKS” that are allow under the tax laws in place by this Nation; so, that they are not used against you ms. cain.  And, I would not go camping with the incidents of drinkers and availability of drugs available to the youth of today; and, mine and Mr. Bruce Poliquin’s age.

5.  Was it not President William J. Clinton; who, restructured  low income benefits when president ?  YES.

6.  78 million “Baby Boomer’s ” by 2030 .   So, that’s in you inventories that will sell to us baby boomer’s ?

7.  “Shock therapy ” is an inducement too change; in, regards to Miss Universe it is also the basis of protection and rearing children . . .  or, am I incorrect.

8.  And, ask to which name she would like to be addressed by.

9.  Absentee ballots can be had at the Lewiston, Maine City Clerks Office;  on 17 October 2016 at 0:830 am at corner of Pine Street and Park Street, Lewiston, Maine.   . . . .Or call; 207 513 3000, press “0” for live operator and ask for City Clerk’s Office; they, will mail it to you.

10. To you the readers;  how,  are you promulgating this message to the masses ?




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