Dee JACK FROST; of 2014.

8 Oct

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

Her love came to me, as if a warm Spring day in a mountainous meadow; covered, in freshly bloomed purple flowers, and as if they / we were in a trance of dance; swaying, to the beat of a soft warm Spring breeze.

And as Summer burst in; and, brought in a passion of heat; we, struggled to find a cozy cool place to nourish our love; less, it extinguish itself from too much play.

And, I trying to save her for myself; from herself and from everyone else as we make love appear from nothing at all; and, so she wouldn’t be everyone else’s good time girl.

Then, there was Fall; hard work, working side by side we toiled; struggling, till our body ached and nerves fray; from, exhaustion to prepare for Winter’s cutting cold edge; the, closing in fears of extreme togetherness and not wanting to grow cold and…

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