AS, A VIETNAM ERA VETERAN; IF CLINTON “WIN” I WILL BE BUYING A SNIPER’S RIFLE TO PROTECT MYSELF AND BE ON THE FRONTLINE FOR THE NEXT REVOLUTION. The fact; that, Clinton wants an open immigration border; and, a free trade zone in the Western Hemisphere will be the dilution of the black and white race to extinction WIKIPEDIA; ( . And, an affront to the son’s and daughter’s of the people that won World War II. To think; this, is being done in less than one generation thanks to the Liberal Jewish controlled Media and Democratic Party; what, have seized control of the American Economy in less than 70 years. This, being done through the manipulation of the economy; for instance Bernie Madoff (Ponzi scheme), Martha Stewart (insider Trading), Mike Millikin (Junk Bond King), Lemen Brother’s, william jefferson clinton’s (Arkansas whitewater scandal; part two (2), his signing out of law; a profession, that did not allow for bundling of mortgage securities. And, placed in effect after the 1930 depression by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ), Well Fargo (Fake accounts.) and Bank of America with their insider governmental operatives leaving with million of dollars at your expense.

12 Oct

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

The Romans, the Egyptian, the Germany; and, now the United States.

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