WORD SALAD; for 14 October 2016.

14 Oct

Is the Sun setting on the United States of America as a result of the last years; of, the Democratic Party Foreign Policies.

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

  1.  Have voted in Lewiston Maine absentee ballot straight ticket: ” Republican “; and, on Question’s    1. no  2. no,  3.  yes,  4. no,   5. no,  6. no.

  2.  Thank you Governor of Maine; for, 7 percent increase in Maine Tourism this year; and, procuring added revenues for the Citizens of Maine tax relief from an outside source.

  3.  “Trump” said, ” Beware of voter fraud. ” and the American Media scorned him; well, if their is no voter fraud; then, what about the “Hanging Chad’s of Florida and Gore.

  4.   1 in 757 people will be robbed in America this year.

  5. In Switzerland a Neutral Country gun sales are up and could this be do to the in flux of Immigrants to the Economic Union (EU) ?

  6. Washington District of Columbia; at this point the Earth rotates at 800 miles and hour and at the Equator 1000.

  7.  The water on…

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