MY EXIT POLL: questionnaire.

8 Nov


soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

  •  Are you:               Male __   Female __ .Are you:

  •  Are you:             Hispanic/Latin _  Asian_ Other _ American Indian _ White _Black _.

  •  When did you decide on whom you were to vote for: Oct._Sept._Before that_few days_

  •  What age group: 18-24_   25-29_   30-39_   40-44_   45-49_   50-59_   60-64_   65 or over _

  •  Next Generation Life: Better than today__  Worse than life today__   About the same__

  •  Climate Change a serious problem?  NO __   YES __

  •  Most important to you?  Terrorism ___  Foreign policy___  Immigration ___  Economy __

  • Candidate qualities that matter most to you:  Cares about people like me ___Can bring needed changes____Has good judgement____Has the right experience ___

  • On political matter are you likely to consider yourself first:  Liberally___ Moderately ___ Conservatively ___

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