Talking heads; ” YOUR FIRED “: shut up; and “go away”.

9 Nov
To the News media; please, shut up and do not try to excuse or twist your way out of your prejudice; of, the last Presidential Election.

Talking Head: Major Garrett, non partisan ?  Heavy leaner “Democrat”.

Talking Head: Chris Wallace; Democrat.Talking head: Gail King “who” just what is she famous for; Democrat and “Oprah” friend ?

Talking Head: Charlie Rose; Democrat and been around to long.

Talking Head: John Dickerson; with the wind direction.

Talking Head: George Stephanopoulos;  Democrat.

Talking Head: ABC  – NBR and TV; Cookie Roberts; with the wind .

Talking Head:  PBS Judy Woodruff; Democrat.

Talking Head:  Alternative Life Style Amy Walters; Democrat.

Your,  ” FIRED .”

I helped translate and assisted the immigrant population at the Longley Elementary School voting place, in Lewiston, Maine; yesterday, for all shall “Vote” if registered.

To, the protester and driving issue national media; you liberal non gun people should take care.   As, we TRUMPSTERS have not forget the “Booming of the Republican Headquarters” in North Carolina; as, has the National News Media and FBI.

To the voters; for, “Trump ” start adorning or ware the color “Purple” as; purple, is what we get when we harmoniously combine political Red and Blue states.


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