16 Dec
  1. Once again the Maine Public Broadcasting (MPB-R) erroneously report on a Pipe line stand off in the west; as, it seems that TD Bank or Toronto Dominion Bank of Canada has a vested interest in the Pipeline.  MPB-R error was that it did not use the full name of the banking institution in it news coverage.  Was, it because the bank is a heavy financial player in Maine and the bank is a Canadian enterprise ?

  2. As, for the current president statement on the Russians being involved in the “TRUMP” win.  As to hacking and threatening the Federation of Russia with war or retaliation;  it, is my learned opinion that one should but up evidence; or, shut – up .  How may election with money and other means in the word and in Central America has the Central Intelligence Agency meddled in.  I can think of two (2) Cuba 1962 “Bay of Pigs and Iran – Contra Scandal.

  3.  The petition drive to expand MaineCare is a disaster waiting to happen.

  4. “ARE WE GOING TO BE A STATE GOVERNED BY “PETITION”; not, Maine State Legislative action ?  And, are the people collecting the signatures being paid to do so (As, this has become a Business; and is driven by individual trying to make a $1.00 no matter that they sell.).  Another issue is; at, what pay rate per hour should they be paid.  Minimum wage; or, current rate of a dollar a signature ?


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