29 Dec

Happy New Year !

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

NEW YEAR  “2017” WORD SALAD: Pending Business left over from 2016 and previous years.

  1.   Vote in 2017 on Consolidation of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine this has been pending since 2014.  ( I say “No”.)

  2.   New Police Chief for Lewiston, Maine.  (Women)
  3.   New Lewiston, Maine School Superintendent.

  4.   11 / 2017 Lewiston, Maine Mayoral (Run for) Election and City Council Election
  5.   Create an infrastructure bank with money from United States penalized companies like Volkswagen and  Deutsche Bank of Germany, Wells Fargo, Intel – 1.5 Billion $, Abbotts Lab’s  – 1.5 billion $, Enron 1.5 Billion  $,  Siemens A. G. – 1.6 Billion $, Johnson and Johnson 2.2 Billion $,Pfizer 2.3 Billion $, and Time Warner 2.4  billion dollars and so on.    These monies should be earmarked for the creation of jobs on all states; through,  repair and upgrade of our bridges, roads and associated infrastructure.

  6.  Look…

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