GREAT BRITAIN; TO RELOCATE IT’S CHILDREN TO AMERICA . Click, on anything red, white or blue.

28 Jan

Thank-U; Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim of Lewiston, Maine; and, an Organizer for Maine Peoples Alliance of Lewiston, Maine an organization headed by Mr. Benjamin.  And, a personal friend of mine for assisting me with his valuable input for a New policy.

This was the head line in the Newspaper during World War II in many newspapers as Great Britain was under aerial attack from then Nazi Germany and the Third Reich.

Could these children have been classified as Asylum Seekers; I do not know. . . . possibly.

It is estimated that Lewiston, Maine has taken in almost 400 (F/check: Asylum Seekers and this is causing Lewiston Maine’s General Assistance yearly budget to swell to over $4 hundred thousand dollars.

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Let us remember; that Lewiston, Maine is one of the poorest communities in the state and has an area roughly two (2) miles squared that is the poorest economically in New England.

With this in mind; I as discussed with Mr. Ibrahim of the Maine Peoples Alliance would seek to impose the following not as a penalty; but, in a effort to abolish a financial problem for between 31 – 34 percent of the business and property owners of Lewiston, Maine that pay all the school and municipal operating taxes.

As, for the abolishment of the Lewiston General Assistance Program ( LGAP).   I promulgate the following revision for the Lewiston City Council to determine.

  1. All recipients will remain on LGAP; if , signed up prior to new established qualification date guideline .
  2. That all persons in an effort to qualify for LGAP be a resident of Lewiston Maine for a certain period of time and show adequate documentation as proof.
  4. And, that Lewiston, Maine seek 130 percent reimbursement from the State or Federal Government.  As, the State is only reimbursing the City of Lewiston, Maine 70 percent at this time and this is not including administrative cost.

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