HIS ONLY CRIME WAS THAT HE HAD COURAGE AND SPOKE HIS MIND…… WHEN THE LAWS OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARE CONFUSED WE ALL SUFFER! THESE ARE OUR LAWS AND YOUR FIRST AND FINEST POSSESSION. It makes you free United States Citizens, in a free country; and then think-think of this Country and of the laws that make it what it is. Think of a world longing for this very Law! Then maybe you’ll understand why you ought to guard it, and why the Law has got to be the personal concern of every United States Citizen, to uphold it and not circumvent or side step it as “Path to Citizenship for Illegals”, (which; may make our neighbors’ in the South and Western part of the Country a new voting minority, when they were majority for ages) and safeguard it for our neighbor as well as for ourselves. Another mistake is for any United States Citizen to look upon the Laws of this Nation; as just a set of principles, just so much language printed in media forms. Something we Citizens recite and then leans back and take it for granted that United States Justice is automatically being served and followed through with and done. The Laws of these United States of America must be engraved in our heart and practiced every minute of the day, week, month and year for eternity, to its letter and religious spirit. The Laws of the United States of America cannot even exist unless we are willing to go down into the mire, dirt and blood an fight a battle for it each and every day of our life to preserve it; for our future lineage, neighbor’s and self. X______________________________________ Your Name on Line! www.onlinewebfire.wordpress.com

2 Feb

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