WORD SALAD; Blast from the past: for 10 February 2017. Whales, are beaching because; they, are exercising primitive instincts to return to land animal.

8 Feb

Last months electric bill (from a out of county supplier.) for me was $4. and some odd cents.  Price for Central Maine Power delivery was $15. some odd cents?  This is; in, my opinion a mismatch; as, the delivery price should never be more than that which is being delivered. CHECK YOU BILL FOR TWO TEAR BILLING.  ONE COMPANY FOR DELIVERY AND ANOTHER FOR SUPPLYING !  My friend used $48. some odd cents of electric and was charged $78. some odd cents; to, deliver ?

  1. Investigation of Lewiston, Maine School System discovers alleged  discrimination by Race, disabilities.  For more information go to mainepublic.org/people/susan-sharon#stream/0.

    2.   THANK-U:   L /A CONNECTS-IT or Consolidation of cities of Lewisto, Maine and Auburn, Maine which is scheduled for vote on in the Novembers 2017 Mayoral Election for both cities will mean if passed that Auburn, Maine will assume part of the $6 million dollar Lewiston, Maine new school (k-8) cost of project .

    3.  Lewiston, Maine’s Mill rate (tax cost per $1000 will increase by 10 percent and it would be my opinion that Maine State Revenue Sharing to communities will decrease.

    4. The European Common Market; EURO, will also be devalue to American Dollar as Presidential Elections in France begin and Marine A. La Penn seek restructuring of Frances relationship with the Common Market.  U. S. dollar to EURO as of 2/8/2017 EURO $1.6 to buy; one, U. S. Dollar.

    5.  Lewiston, Maine Cheerleader’s win 8th straight regional Maine Cheering title.

    6.  New Hampshire to attempt to introduce bill advocating for identification at voting places.

    7.  FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Remember, that the United States was thrust into World Security during WWII and helped free the conquered and under extermination; besieged, lands of Europe, Russia and the World of the 20th century; with 48 states.  And, if Russia had returned those Countries that it liberated to the people that owned them; we, would not be so hated after years of safe guarding the planet. I am not saying that our foreign policies should not be reviewed periodically .

    8. I have been granted Street Grandfather rights by a number of inner city children / young adults.   And, this pleases me.


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