18 Feb

I went stomping as if a child in a part of town that I once stomped as a youth due to family difficulties for a brief period time.  

Little Canada, once the French quarter’s of the town of Lewiston, Maine. 

I lived with my sister at 146 Oxford St., 3 third floor in Lewiston, Maine while as student at Edward Little High School, Auburn, Heights Auburn, Maine and while being the 1972 Class President.

I also remember watching the construction of the at time, new Edward Little High School in the early 1960’s at the age of seven; as, my sister’s and I were boarded out to a caring family on Western Avenue in Auburn, Maine the Billeaud’s.   But, I digress as a person remembering would at going sixty-five years young of age.

As, I walked by the properties in Little Canada the houses, homes and reality recently acquired by the City of Lewiston, Maine.   My chest began to swell almost to the point of a man with a thousand tears.

I realized that like these properties, houses and once homes slated for demolition.  I too am marching to a different drum beat now.   As my throat begins to swell and I feel the tears of a man with a thousand tears forming at the corners of my eye’s.

Change is hard on your remembrance of monolith’s to your life, your youth, struggles and experiences “pass, out of existence” before your eyes as if a long lost relative dyeing.

 And, then the tears of a man with a 1000 tears begin to fall   .    .    .    .    .    .   ..


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