IMMIGRANTS ARE BEING DUMPED ON: Are, just to have an infusion of diversity, cultures and youth the missing pieces in respect to Maine’s faltering population growth?

15 Mar
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Are just to have an infusion of diversity, cultures and youth the missing pieces in respect to Maine’s faltering population growth ?

Sixteen years ago Lewiston, Maine was a dying city and how it is dying financially.

The once bustling; nearly 42 thousand person city; today, is nearly 37,00 and began to decrease in population in the 1970’s.  And, this was attributed to the vanishing jobs created by cheaper imports, consolidation of businesses through the large mega big box stores (From small family owned business.), malls, closing of textile mills and the shoe industries and accomplished by 1990’s.

The city had become so rundown and drug infested so as the resident young people called it the, “Dirty LEW.” or  ” The Combat Zone “.

Then in 2001 a family of refugees immigrated to Lewiston, Maine aided by the Catholic Charities of Maine (Fcheck:  who was paid $1200.00 per person by the federal government to resettle the new immigrants.  But, only had to spend $6 hundred on the immigrants settlement into the community.

Before, long the word began to spread to the new immigrant’s friends and relatives that housing was cheap (for some received Section 8 federal housing vouchers or Lewiston, Maine’s General Assistance, Federal foods stamps, Medicare and some business loans.) and it looked like a good place to build a new life, rear children and live in peace.

Since, then the place has been transformed.

In 2004 the INC. Magazine named Lewiston, Maine one of the best places to do business in America.  And, in 2007 after a $1,200 dollar payment; it was named an “All – American City ” by the National Civic League and was the first time any city in Maine had received that honor since Auburn, Maine had done so 40 years earlier.

Immigrants from the Congo (French speaking (Sp.)), Sudan (Sp. Arabic), Angola (Sp. Portuguese), Bantu Somali; as their are three  (3) factions of, Somali and those from French Djibouti (Sp. French) and other nations may sound like improbable rescuers for a place like Lewiston, Maine and the State of Maine.

Maine is the whitest (F/check: state of the United States next to Vermont and its old families have a reputation for distinct chilliness towards “outsiders”.

Many of the immigrants speak no “English” at all when they arrive.  And, beyond the obvious racial, cultural and religious differences their children; through, the school system are being integrated into American society year after year with mixed results. * (I say this; because, Lewiston, Maine school allow the students the option to not take State Evaluation Test which are held on a Satuday ?)

THE LEWISTON, MAINE RESIDENTS FEARED; for decreasing jobs, increased property taxes (2 community school expansions and a new 1200 student K1-K8 at a cost of $51 million and local residents share million’s out of pocket with another 11 new English language teachers and 3 consecutive millions dollar increases in the school budget in the last 3 school cycles. Then, there is the increase in the non school city administrative coast to be added.

If it not a reason to be frightened as year after year of 3 million dollar tax increases and this years over $10 million dollar increase to the cities Fiscal Year 2019 Budget increase of over $10 million which are levied on the majority elderly of the community and some Lewiston , Maine City business are in default on their taxes to the city.    Thus, leaving it to fall on the aging community and new immigrant community.   As, people are living longer and the average age of a Mainer is 42 years old?

But, the immigrants keep coming.

By some estimates over 9 thousand immigrants have moved to Lewiston, Maine since 15 years ago and are proliferating at a somewhat quicker number then the local residents.  7 to 5 children as it increases their welfare !

Thus, incurring a substantial monetary increases to residents in rents as they qualify for Federal Housing Section 8 vouchers which allows landlord to increase the rents every year with the new immigrants paying only a share of the $1250.00 a month rent.  And, increasing the rents in the area for those with part-time, full employment, disabled or retire living on fixed incomes which some landlords expect or they will not rent to the local populations youth.


  1. Lewiston, Maine General (Rent) Assistance Program is reaching a half a million $’s a year.
  2. Lewiston, Maine is the poorest city in the State of Maine.
  3. Lewiston, Maine has a square mile that is the poorest in New England.
  4. Lewiston, Maine has a higher elderly population than most communities in Maine.
  5. Maine’s average age is 44 years old . . an . .counting .
  6. There was a Lewiston, Maine Mayor who decried, “Please do not come to Lewiston.”  But, then he and his partner sold a broken down building to a group of Somali’s; so they could have a Mosque.
  7. If you are making a living (Landlord, store owner, medical doctor, so on.) from immigration and living outside the city; everything, is good as your taxes do not go up.
  8. Lewiston, Maine is living in a “Faults Economy” do to subsides to the immigrant population and this will someday end.  And then where will Lewiston, Maine be.
  9.  Somali’s are being used to dump properties on which would not sell otherwise if not to them.  Adding, to the old saying, ” A sucker, born every minute.”   Like, the Individual Member of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Lewiston, Maine an immigration church that sold her farm to the Somali or immigrant community as she could find not buyer in other communities.

    VOTE, “NO”  on School Budget  and any “Bond Issue” on 8 May 2018 @ Governor, James B. Longley School on Birch Street, Lewiston, Maine by Androscoggin Bank Collisee .


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    I don’t know if I’ll recognize it when we come back, if we do.we r enjoying Co now with no snow and seeing the beautiful mountains from our kitchen window. I guess I’ll ask Christine when she gets home what she plans to do.


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