PRE HEAD START (infants, toddlers and 3 year old’s): Early learning programs value. But, how early? That is the issue.

15 Mar

We know that the key to a a strong future is making sure that all children have the needed skills that prepare them for a changing tomorrow.

Under the Obama administration; 57,000 thousand children lost access to Head Start (This is not pre Head Start; age difference and then; that, depends on what month you were born in.) programs as a result of his sequester.

Early Head Start; is a program administered by the Department of Health and Human Services for infants, toddlers up to 3 years old.  And, was established in 1994.

How, young; is to young ?   This, is what I am struggling with.  Is it a sign of the times; that some peoples can not rear their own children and must put their child in a protective environment at an early infant, toddler to three (3) year of age.

Of coarse, there are circumstances that would deem early education such as physical impairment or developmental issues.  And, I have no problem with this line of thinking.

I was informed by an article that a child who does not identify with a warn, intimate and continuous relationship in which both parent and child find contentment, satisfaction and enjoyment with parents may cause irreversible mental health consequences. (F/check:  Search, block provided; type in Pre Head Start.

However, I do have a problem as to the federal system rearing our children; as if they were clones or test tube babies.

Starting children in a atmosphere of bewilderment could be the reason so many young adults are dropping out of school.   To much; S C H O O L I N G and T R A U M A from the beginning.

I want a better future for all our children so lets rethink this early schooling for infants, toddlers and three (3) year old’s.


  1. I was fostered out at an early age with my two sister; and somewhat speak from experience.  I will say; that, my foster mother was a loving women that took care of 13 other children. (Remember, I was born in a time of no Federal foodstamps, Maine Care . . so on.)    And, I have mixed reactions (feeling) towards her; though, she was a loving person and set up three of the finest Christmas trees I have ever seen. to this day. But, she could never take the place of my aching for mom and dad.
  2. I would advocate for paid parenting by the federal government for a period of time.

  3. Why is it a crime in this country to raise your children in a sphere of parental love?


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