BLAST FROM THE PAST: Word Salad; of Friday, November 20, 2015 local newspaper misses the mark.

27 Mar


soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal


Once, again; a locally circulated Newspaper misses the mark of excellence or non biasness and will not receive a Pulitzer Prize.

Point one (1):  mr. chin advocating for a U. S. migration Office in Lewiston City Hall, stated he wanted to raise the taxes on individuals; making more than $200 THOUSAND DOLLAR’S……however, the Mayor and Lewiston City Council do not have the authorization to raise taxes….other than; increasing Property taxes, excise tax on automobiles and user fee’s; such as water and sewer, business license’s and exedra.   Omitted by the local democratic newspaper and I was there.

Point two (2):   mr. chin had the room packed; as us older people (I am 3 months before 63 years of age and my mother is 88 years young in June.) have difficulties and obligation at night and it is difficult to attend in inclement weather and hoodlum’s hanging about the city hall at night.


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