WORD SALAD for week 31 March 2017: ” Lewiston, Maine’s; Mayor, should have voted; ” No .” “

30 Mar

” NO VOTE. “

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

In the Lewiston, Maine Newspaper story in November 2016, Lewiston, Maine’s Mayor Robert Macdonald bemoans the cost of Asylum seeker to the Residents of Lewiston, Maine.

If the Mayor of Lewiston, Maine would have broken the tie vote at the Lewiston’s City Council Meeting by voting “NO” instead of voting “Yes”; he, might have started a least a slow-down of Asylum seeker flowing into the city hall for general assistance.

Lewiston, Maine City Officials need to tell Federal Government Officials that Lewiston , Maine does not want their money.  It’s time for a diversion to other municipalities – close the gate.

All the city is doing is pushing residential taxpayer’s away and businesses away; as the property taxes have risen by on an average five (5) million dollars a year since 2012.

It is easy for people from out of town to criticize Lewiston, Maine; while, sitting in their beautiful…

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