Erosion of Liberties: “USE OF YOUNG ADULTS CHILDREN FOR POLITICAL MEANS”. Click, on anything red.

1 Apr

The use of children in politics by Lewiston, Maine school Superintendent is troubling to me as it should be for you.

In Augusta, Maine this past week the scene was regrettable and sent chills up my spine.

This was accomplished by political operatives and attack on the Maine House Speaker by use of shadowy black and white photos that are the allure of now political attacks.

What was illustrating was that these attacks were launched by young adults (10-21) and edged forward by adult organization like Maine Peoples Alliance which pampered the young adult child into this business of cut throat tactics against their rivals and to gain notoriety or donation for their causes or salaries.

A young male about 10 years old was trying to appease the adults in the group by holding a 3 foot sign against the Speaker; that, should have been above his intelligence level or interest.

Elsewhere, a youthful young lady was holding a sign taking issue with another legislator of a different political party while the adult accomplice yelled “Traitor” and ironically, “Liberty”.

In, Lewiston, Maine the Superintendent of School’s, mr. william webster; allows, student to not attend classes, stand along the busy street holding signs without parents authority; and, then take up arms by allowing the printing of sign at public school cost to be use in a community election against the Lewiston, Maine resident taxpayer’s.

Thus, the Lewiston, Maine tax paying residents paid for there own defeat and paying for their oppositions defeating them cost.

There are many countries that have children soldiers in Africa and Latin America; is this the start of a new fascism way of governance in the United States of America?  Where, we allow our children to become radicalized by the political “right” or “left”.

Thus, I say it is time to rethink how we as a county donate to a cause (s) through money donations, manpower or children power to aid an organization that soul purpose is to drive an issue or their self interest with Federal, State, funding from the taxpayers or you.

We must safeguard against the use of the elderly techniques; as to be used as tools to be bargained with as we see in housing projects for the elderly just to gain financial aid in construction of a project that has nothing to do with the elderly.

It is up, to you: now.


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