“CONNECTS-IT” or Consolidation L/A; like, European “BREXIT”. Is “NO” CONNECTS-IT. / CONSOLIDATION ! (Click on anything red.)

3 Apr


A meeting was held; areas of discussion were as follows: Input from Councilors and Mayors – past, current or future Mayor.

a.  All Mayoral election shall be held to coincide with Presidential Elections.

b.  Current Mayor’s of both Lewiston, Maine and Auburn, Maine will have option to run for new Mayor’s position; created by charter commission.

c.  Mayors role will also be that of Cities Police Commissioner; have authority to oversee day to day operations and act as the soul City Liaison Officer for complaints against the police department.

d.  Mayor and Council salaries shall be paid at a rate of  $15,000.00 dollars a year.

e.  The City Councilor’s shall have a term of 4 years with unlimited re-election.

f.  Mayor term of office will be for 4 years and shall coincide with Presidential elections; with one term and one consecutive re-elected term of four (4) years.

g. Mayor; will have ‘VETO” power over the Council; with 3/4 vote of Councilors in favor to overrule the Mayors, “VETO”.  And, vote my City Council shall not occur but by the passing of 60 days to allow for Mayor’s Peoples Initiative signature gathering vote question.

h. If in case of an absent Councilor; the mayor may vote to overrule or sustain his, “VETO” and the Mayor may vote on the absent (s) of a Councilor (s); should a tie exist.

i.  New City Charter shall have grace period to institute changes to election schedule; as applies to coinciding with Presidential elections.

j.  All, new City Council Members; salary increases shall be; after the first setting of the new City Council at $5,000.00 dollars a year; and shall be voted upon as to allowing cost of living increases by the City voters.

k.  Toying with line item veto by Mayor; which will include the cities school budget. AUBURN AND LEWISTON; similarities or differences.

l.  No placement of High School Student behind each 11; that’s right eleven Ward councilor’s for infiltration of schooling population sector.   Reminds; me of the “Hitler Youth Organization of the 1930’s, Germany.

Shared services:

Lewiston and Auburn Economic Growth Council at what cost to Community; and, for what services ?

Tax sharing districts at Lewiston-Auburn Municipal Airport and Auburn Business Development Corporation as they eat up a lot of the Community Development Block Grant Monies.

( I, have in the past suggested that the above entities become self-financing and would give 4 year to complete this task or longer.)

Great Falls Television access cable is an asset to the community for informative information.

9-1-1 Dispatch is a problem child to me and would; rather look to a new direction if feasible to reduce cost.

City-link bus services is an asset to the Community and its employees are appreciated by its users.

Though I would not build a new Bus Station. Services different: Ambulance services in Lewiston is a businesses; privately run while in Auburn it is run by the Auburn Fire Department.  This should be changed to a business; privately run.

Auburn spends more on road reconstruction while Lewiston spends more on road maintenance; thus, Lewiston will require monies to upgrade its roads.

This may lead to Auburn Taxpayer’s having to increase their tax burden to facilitate Lewiston crumbling roads.

Lewiston School District is taking a back seat to Auburn in that; it is performing,  “performance-based teacher evaluation” while Auburn is taking the lead in mass customized learning as the Governor of Maine is stressing; as an answer to improve student participation and curtail the current drop-out rates, as students may strive for; that which interest them while cloistered in an academic atmosphere.

Auburn Recreational Operations prioritizes youth programming while Lewiston recreation Department prioritizes events and partnering with outside agencies.  For the taxpayer of Auburn; I would like to suggest the Lewiston model for running of Recreational Operations.

It; forgive me, has occurred to me that our schools are becoming too involved at all non-primary sports programs and this has added to the cost of some programs through bussing and equipment for events.  And, yes I am aware of title (9) IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1972; renamed the Patsy Mink Equal Opportunity in education Act in 2002. CONSOLIDATION?

As it stands now; I, am still opposed to the Consolidation of the two cities for reasons as following reaons.

  • Also; would like to add, that the Governors new purposed tax plan is a little over reaching.  But, I do like the purposed taxing of Non-profits; as Bates College has been siphoning off Lewiston, Maine properties for a number of years and increasing the tax burden of the Lewiston Taxpayer.)  As building dooms or renovating of once local homes that once paid taxes and then this property become non-taxable due to the college exemption, the college then rents property or rents rooms to the students as part of their tuition; this I believe should be taxable by the Municipalities and State of Maine as rent and building property.         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Reasoning for;  ” NO”,  on VOTE ON CONSOLIDATION “

1.  Lewiston will have the voting edge of Auburn as Lewiston voting population is about 36,592 and Auburns voting population is about 26,055.  Auburn; maybe out voted, constantly by Lewiston, Maine.

2.  Lewiston is adding to the cost of it city burden as it acquires the Canal, builds a Mega School, and redistricting of its emigrant population to possibly hamper the other fluent English speaking students of the school system.


1.  Will all legal papers have to be reworked or revised?

2.  Expense of Forms replacement; businesses form’s,  Public signs, school administrations forms and city forms; having to replace their letter heads, Web-sites rework and forms?

3.  Local paper will have to be renamed?

4.  Schools population may have to be redistricted.  Example;  New Auburn student may have to be bussed to Lewiston’s schools or Maine Street, Lewiston to Auburn Schools and all related form will need reprint?

5.  Taxes for business and property owns will rise as new town does a new Tax Assessment on all property shifting around

6.  Both cities must get through; MR. PLATZ as he has; wrangled his BUSINESS interest between both cities and NOW; is a KEY PLAYER; FINANCIALLY with obligations from both cities.  “RIGHT MR. EPSTINE; LEWISTON CITY ATTORNEY?

7.  As, in the past; one town may be liable for the others doings, as was the case of Auburn, having to protect itself from Lewiston’s having to pay a fine for defrauding the Federal Government last fall. (August 13 2014 at 7:58 am; associated press, Lewiston agrees to settle Developer fraud case.at $180 thousand dollars.

8. Birth certificate  / Drivers License:  replacement as Lewiston and Auburn, Maine do not exist.  Cost to you for birth certificate $15 dollar each member of family and $5.00 for drivers license.

9.  If elected 2 B Mayor of Lewiston, Maine in Fall of 2017; I, intend on having 3 public dinners at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee’ for the purpose of community diversity.  This will entail meal, brief discussion of what direction you would like the city 2 go in and generational music to dance by.


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