MY FIRST (1st.) EDITORIAL: Charles A. Soule, Lewiston, Maine and my on line accounts will appear. Categories at right; click, on policing.

4 Apr


soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

I do not concur with the United States Attorney General Mr. Jeff Sessions as it pertains to “Review of Policing Reforms” as to investigations of local Police Departments and local Police Department agreements.

With the still worsening of the American economy it is paramount that the “Citizen” and “Major Law Enforcement Agencies” of this nation have overview of local small town police forces as to corruption.

Fact check: Soule, Lewiston, Maine.   Click on: go to category; policing at far right.  “Scroll”


Local small town (Like Lewiston,Maine) have an old boys attitude an cover up most of their wrong doing.   “The blue curtain.”

This is achieved by the following:  A “Civilian  Complaint”  against Department or officer of a local police department is filed by the “Citizen Resident” to the small town police department.

The “Civilian Resident” maybe intimidated by the police department to retract.

If, the “Civilian…

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