WORD SALAD; for 28 April 2017. Click, on anything red.

26 Apr
  1.  Dingley Press to expand facility at cost of nearly $17 million dollars and will train  individual personnel to operate new facility.
  2.  Fire in Lewiston, Maine caused by Drug growing equipment and ruled      unintentional by States Fire Marshall.

  3.  Federal Government to overrule on State’s ballot question as to legalization of  Drugs.
  4.  Judicial Judges; exceeding, authority as to regulation of federal policies and  hampering Federal Policies.

  5.  Mr. Benjamin Chin; of the Maine Peoples Alliance – Lewiston, Maine still on fence as to the unification consolidation of Lewiston and Aubun,  Maine as CharlesSoule4Mayor is a “NO” on CONNECTS-IT.
  6.  L-A CA$H Coalition celebrates 14 years of successful free IRS certified volunteer tax preparation for the elderly and financially pressed.  This year’s program is to begin April 13, 2017 and is being held at the Lewiston, Maine Armory for more information call 207 513 3000 enter on automated system answering extension; press, BARR on your phone.

  7.  Lewiston, Maine; Pre-K registration, set for May 3, 2017. For, more information and required documentation please call Martel School 207 795-4110, Farwell 207 795-4110, Geiger 207 795-4140, McMahon 207 7954120, Longley 207 795-4120, and Montello 207 795 4150.
  8. Lewiston, Maine’s Financial Committee Chairperson, Mr. Robert Reed has endorsed Mr. Charles A. Soule to be next Mayor of Lewiston, Maine in November’s 2017 Election and like Mr. Soule is apposed to CONNECTS-IT or Consolidation of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine.

  9.  Lewiston, Maine’s YWCA is engaging in pushing race issue card in a meeting to be held this Sunday, 30 April 2017 at it’s East Avenue facility at 12:01 – 3:30 pm.  All are welcome; and, is Lewiston’s Organization pushing the issue to gain attention for their causes ?

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