LEWISTON, MAINE SUN JOURNAL NEWSPAPER; Message’s from Reporter Mr. Andrew Rice; to, Mr. Charles A. Soule’. Click, on anything red.

10 May

ome, Soule’ to Reporter Rice Sun Journal: Still, no mention of what we discussed 6 May 2017. (Mention of my Candidacy for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine in Fall of 2017 in Lewiston Newspaper.

Reporter Rice to Soule: I am not trying to stonewall you. I was told by my editor to wait until next time we do a Mayoral Campaign update. I’ll keep you posted. (Though, the Lewiston Sun Journal announced two other Candidates already.)

Soule’ to Reporter Rice: Just, what I expected from the Lewiston Sun Journal. I do not fault you Mr. Andrew Rice.

Soule to Reporter Rice: Giving, the other guys an edge on me.

The Lewiston, Maine Sun journal in my opinion plays to their selected candidates and does not play fair to all Mayoral candidates.

Therefore, I would just order the Sun Journal on Thursday – Friday when they have a Lewiston – Auburn City Section. Thus, saving money for other things this Summer and activities for the grandchildren.


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