EDITOR ATTENDED: Safety is a two way street. Meeting on “Dangerous Streets” in Lewiston at City Hall on 15 May 2017 at 6:00 PM. Click, on any thing red.

15 May


soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

People about 22 person’s showed up. But, who.

1. Heavy with Me. DOT. (8)
2. Lewiston City Council Ward 1, 5, 7. (3)
3. Maine Bicycle coalition. (5)
4. Few average citizens. one and me. (2)
5. Lewiston School Committee and Mr. william webster. (4)

Issues of discussion for bicycles.

1. What is an accident.
2. 2016 pedestrian crashes 250; requiring hospitalization 10.

Types of pedestrian / bike crashes:

From behind on road.
At, crosswalk.

Pedestrian crashes age group Me. State wide: 30 to 49 age group.

Young children are safer than adults of age group; 30 through 49.

Pedestrian / bike ladies with are the safest group – “Well Done”.

Pedestrian “No” sidewalk walk on left facing towards traffic. Me State Law. Remember, “Fight against traffic.”

Where is the safes place to cross for pedestrians ? F/check: Me. DOT.

At crosswalk with cross signal 2014; 13 crashes.
At crosswalk…

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