Mr. Soule’s, paddling lesson’s. Click, on anything red.

20 May

All I can say for myself is; that, I was a miss understood matriculating student.

If, you have ever been to the Auburn Community Little Theater in Auburn Maine; you come upon a remnant part of the old Edward Little High School and Central School that has been turned into a part structure of of an entire building. That being the community theater.

At one time the building situated on the corner of Academy Street and So. Main Street; Auburn, Maine was a Basement class first floor class, second floor classed brick school structure with a gymnasium with perhaps a 100 seat staged auditorium.

To my reculation it was a Spring day and I was on a recess in a field at Moulton Field Park which abutted the Central School where I was attending in the year of our Lord; 1967.

If you know anything about Moulton Field Park than you may realize that there is a steep embankment that abuts the old Central School; the, renamed old Edward Little High School which occurred after the completion of the newly constructed New Edward Little high School at Auburn Heights; situated at a location atop of Court Street, on Goff Hill in Auburn, Maine.

I do not fully recall that the problem was; but, I had done something that had got me in big trouble with a recess teacher on the playground in Moulton Field Park.

Somehow, I had been called a liar perhaps by a fellow student or a teacher and I hate being called a liar when I was telling the truth. But, who ever had did it incurred my wrath and it had been noted by the Central School Principal a right Honorable Mr. Logan who was at the top of the embankment and was watching from on high as the embankment was about fifty (50) feet above Moulton Field Park.

He, with a loud voice instructed me to come to him at once; so, as I was in a state of high emotions and not realizing that he wanted me to use the same path that I had gotten to the field by.

Not wanting to delay I darted up the fifty (50) foot embankment with a bust of speed that I now looking back at; at, the age of 64 years old I am amazed that I would under take this rough. At one point I doubled stepped or spun out about two-thirds the way up; and, the teacher and Mr. Logan were alarmed; as, as I could hear them utter concern that I might tumble back to the bottom of the embankment and severely hurt myself. But, with the grace of god; I recovered at make the trek to be standing beside the Principal Mr. Logan who I admired as he was an orator of reading for he had read the poem, “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe with such invigoration to the class that I to; to, this day think he was one orator what encouraged me to be the best orator or speaker in front of an audience that I could be.

Well, that which it may be; did not spare me from a trip to the Principal’s Office for a Paddling that I deserved and a lesson of, “Spare the Rod; spoil the Child.”

To Mr.Logan, you are missed and now much appreciated.


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    Dedicated; to, Mr. Logan. A Principal from my past.

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