MR. Soule, paddling lesson’s.

20 May

Dedicated; to, Mr. Logan. A Principal from my past.

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

All I can say for myself is; that, I was a miss understood matriculating student.

If, you have ever been to the Auburn Community Little Theater in Auburn Maine you come upon a remnant part of the old Edward Little High School that has been turned into a community theater.

At one time the building situated on the corner of Academy Street and So. Main Street; Auburn, Maine was a Basement, first floor, second floor brick school structure with a gymnasium with perhaps a 100 seat theater with stage auditorium.

To my reculation it was a spring day and I was on a recess on a field at Moulton Field Park which abutted the Central School which was the old Edward Little High School of my Stepfather.

If you know anything about Moulton Field Park than you may realize that there is a steep embankment that abuts the old Central…

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