BLAST FROM THE PAST: They say that crying is good for the Soul(e). “WHEN DID YOU; LAST, HAVE A GOOD CRY ?”

30 May

“I awoke in a deep crying; this morning.

My face scrounged; as, if being pressed together from bottom to top and where your whipping of your tear covered eyes; coated, your hands as you whipped your face.  Your naval passages become partially blocked with your throat becoming constricted and the muscles under your chin become so strained what you can feel your stomach tensing.

It was after a dream in color; where I was driving; my old 1964 Ford F-650 Truck of 24 foot in length; and, I had just drove through, two (2) buildings with debris floating by the closed windows of the cab (Driving compartment) and down a farm pasture; swerving, to miss objects with loss truck breaks and coming to rest; due, to a hill incline.

I then awoke with my pillow damp.

The tears kept coming; for at lease a half hour or more and an old song playing by John Lennon; with lyric of, “Brotherhood of man.”  brought me once again to tears after just getting under control.  All this at three-thirty – 3:30 am.

The whole episode could have been brought on by events in my life, events around me as well as the long winter, now rain, my life struggle’s to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine or my 12-17-12 court case and Acquittal at Androscoggin Maine Superior Court or watching the Boston booming trial?

I am in hopes that America will not issue the death penalty; but, will show the world our “Marcy” by issuing a “life sentence” due to the influence on the younger Mr. Tsaranaev mentally by his older brother.

It maybe that I am growing older with all its problems; arthritis, heart palpitations, memory recall not as sharp or that watching the American society disintegrate; which; brings on my irritability and lashing out at people and friends.

And, still my eyes water, throat tightens and breathing is labored as I wrote this and now type it.

I must admit, I do not know; if, at going on sixty-five years of age; if, I have lost the stamina to do the job and become the peculiar old eccentric man written about in books and newspapers or seen on the streets of any town.

“HOPE, SUMMER “normal heat”; ARRIVES, SOON.”



One Response to “BLAST FROM THE PAST: They say that crying is good for the Soul(e). “WHEN DID YOU; LAST, HAVE A GOOD CRY ?””

  1. Reblogged this on soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal and commented:

    As, we get ready to celebrate the 4 of July; let us remember how blessed me are. Fore, we have a safe place to sleep, a meal a day and our health. And, that is required to be happy. The rest of the World wish they had it so good. And, this from a complainer or reasoner of things that are meant to inform and not a complaint.

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