ANTI-CRIME; Strategy working. U. S. Federal Report incorrect.

2 Jun

Fed’s:  Cost of zero tolerance policing outweigh benefits… bull sh..!

Tell this to a child born with a drug addiction.

Or,  you the Taxpayers and businesses that will pay for the weening off of this child from dope.  Then you taxpayers have to foot the medical bill, legal  expenses for removing child from the home of drug abuser and once this is done; you footing another bill for the rest of your life for putting into foster home.

Then there is the prostitute that has gone to rehabilitation for drug addiction  4 time at $30,000.00 or better on Medicare – Mainecare .  Medicare was established in 1964 by then President Lyndon B. Johnson; through President John F. Kennedy’s policies and was to begin at age 65 years of age.

What about the Chicago killing rates which is the highest in the nation ?   Do nothing ?

Footnote:  Original article by Eric Tucker; ASSOCIATED PRESS.

Incident Report Number:

Lewiston, Maine Officer  E. S. failing to give complaint Incident Report Number; why ?

Does not have to file report and does not show up on Federally; required, reporting at year end.

THUS, looks good for Lewiston, Maine Police Department as crime does not rise ?


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