EXTRA NEWS FLASH: What’s in your wallet. Click, on anything red.

6 Jun

1. 95 % of all trade done in the world is done by Sea / Ocean. Thus, the importance of our Naval Forces.

2. Is the oversea demand of our natural resources affecting the prices of Food Stuff, forestry products, water H2O and other American staple goods? And, are corporation making and driving up prices on the American consumer as they sell to out of country sources? Which, then puts prices out of reach to many our citizens.

Take, lobsters from Maine (only, world lobster with two claws.) the seas along the cost of Maine within 200 miles belong to the American Government / Public. But, last years Lobsters price per pound hit an all time high at over $36.00 dollars a pound. This was contributed to the selling of Maine Lobster’s to China and other Nations.

Why, should the America / Maine publicly owned Natural Resource be made unassailable to the Maine public and the American Public through commercialism of outsourcing and greed of a few ?

Do to the increase lobster catches of the last few years; the new stock of younger lobsters are dying at a quicker rate and our now making up the stock to the acquired sustainability levels. This is contributed to the catching of of the parent and lack of protection for larger devouring species of sea life.


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