W O R D S A L A D for 16 June 2017: LEWISTON, MAINE’s POLICE: and their “KGB, SCUM BAG” Tactic’s.

15 Jun

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

In the Lewiston, Maine Police Department “Motto” their is a word that I wish the New Lewiston, Maine Police Chief (I did not endorse for position. I wanted a women to break the “Old Boys” attitude.) would review. That word is “COMPASSION” as of late the Lewiston, Maine Police Department has been aggressively using under handed tactics.

And, here the are:

Knocking, on doors asking if anyone has called the police to gain entry well knowing that 911 ask the location and apartments number you are calling from!

Knocking, on doors saying that they were looking for someone who maybe in danger!

Not, providing information to Defendant for Court Case under disclosure laws of Maine!

Loosing “Evidence”.

Aggressively, handing out, “Not using crosswalks” in the inner city and only Inner City neighborhoods poor are targeted.

Recently, Lewiston, Maine Police dressed as a “Pan Handler” luring unsurspecting vehicle operator’s into removing…

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