TO: Ms. HOLLY LASAGNA and Auburn- Lewiston or was that Lewiston-Auburn, Maine Consolidation Committee.

16 Jun

I’VE GOT TO GET A LETTER TO YOU. Song, Bee Gee’s 1968.

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

Ms. Lasagna have started this message several times and find it difficult to have positive thoughts; as to the way I have been treated for the last 30 years by the establishment of Lewiston, Maine.

I will never endorse, Lewiston-Auburn or was that Auburn-Lewiston, Maine Consolidation; or, as I refer to it CONNECTS-IT.

Having grown up in both town’s; do, to a divorce situation I must consider the cities equally and for their best interest.

As, I have stated in the past I was the 1972, 1973 Class President at Edward Little High School in Auburn, Maine. I, will also mention that I was the President of the Student Senate 1973, Daughter of the American Revolution recipient “Good Citizen Award” in 1973 and President of the Young Republicans in 1973.

United States Navel Service 1973 – 1979 and Honorably Discharged with discharges from both Regular Active Duty Navy and Naval…

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