On, Street Alleged Prostitution Drug Dying Count: today, in Lewiston, Maine for Saturday – Sunday, 17 – 18 June 2017 was / is “0”. ************************************* Prostitution Outlook; “looking good.” To think; that Lewiston, Maine’s Patrol Supervisor’s are all over this in the inner city prostitution zone 24 hours a day. Click, on anything red. Perhaps, they are up to the task of protection young women for Drugs and usury by pimps, drug dealers. Come, say hello to the alleged; Jessie J (Dying in Hospital; now), Amanda Waterhous_. and Daughter, Crystal L. Woo_, Crystal Venou_ ,Crystal Mille_,Diana Jac_, Gretchen Wilso_, Fantasia Giegai_, Desiree Kendric_, Callie Richi_ Sara Stro_, Candy, Catty, Emile Kels_, Jamie Mile_and the other’s working at a corner near you. Come, down and watch the action at any street corner starting with ” Ho “. Howe, Horton for a start.

18 Jun


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