GREATER, RESPONSIBILITY TO ARE SOCIETY. Click, on anything red, white or blue.

21 Jun

1. To all candidates picking up “Nomination Papers” this 10 July 2017 to run for Lewiston, Maine City Election’s to be held this November 2017. Let, it be said that we; though, having opposing points of views did not falter at this chore. That “We” will stay out of the gutter as to one another. I also call on the “News Media to act responsible” in coverage of each candidate point of view.

We, the so called; “Adults”, have a greater responsibility to show the youth of America and Lewiston (plus, Auburn, Maine) that we can lead a nation/community of all “Culture”, “sexual orientations” and “Party Politics” to benefit all.

As, for myself, if I have offended any person, group and political party; I say that I am not the same individual that appeared in front of you in 1986 on my first (1st) attempt to be Mayor of the “FAIR” City of Lewiston, Maine. Perhaps, the creator saw that I was not quite ready for the office. But, gave me the drive not to give up when knocked down; but, rather the strength to pick myself up, dust myself off and continue to endeavor to be greater than I was in all my previous last Six (6) attempts.

Let, us now; stay above the “fray”.

It is my belief that I live in perhaps the most culturally diverse community in all of Maine. I say this as I live on Bartlett Street in the “Heart of the City” of Lewiston, Maine. And, that I have grown as a person from this experience.

Once again, I say to you. That, all you need to be “Happy” is a safe place to sleep, a meal a day and your health. For, all else is extra. (If, you do not have anyone of these aforementioned items; death, could be at your door.)


Look for the “Solar Eclipse” on 21 August 2017. REMEMBER: Do not look directly in to the “Eclipse” as it could blind you. Rather, position a pail of water (H2O) so you can view the reflection through the water in the pail or purchase required shaded (welding len) sun class ware. the protective equipment required to view . . . . do not take chances and care for your children not viewing alone . . . . !


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