I would like to propose a New Framework for Lewiston, Maine’s Growth. Click, on anything red.

26 Jun

While, Lewiston has remained a vital hub and desirable place to live, the City struggles to change it’s perception of the “Dirty LEW” and “Mill Town” and to generate the kind of neighborhood and economic vitality that it once saw 100 years ago.

For years, the city experienced population decline and is still feeling the decline today; while new growth is faulting. When, their is new growth it occurs in a suburban pattern along the City’s gate ways corridors. Which are, along the two major bridges (Cedar Street and Main Street) Lincoln Street, Maine Street and Lisbon Street at both ends.

As a result, Lewiston, Maine has been in rapid decline in investments in the city center while also losing some of its rural land and will not recover as long as the city Mill Rate(amount per $1000 of the assessed value of city properties; which is used to calculate the amount of property taxes.) is one of the highest in the State of Maine with 34 percent of Businesses and Resident population paying all the taxes on Lewiston, Maine’s City /School budgets.

With an ageing, contaminated (lead + chemical) business and downtown housing stock and with newer suburban housing stock being built infrequent, the community lacks high-quality housing choices within the walkabout downtown core and throughout the city. It would be my guess that the average age of a home to be 30 plus years old; if, not older. And, Apartment dwellings at about 50 plus years old with many being abandoned or condemned by the City of Lewiston, Maine. Thus, leaving the city the cost of removal.

This, with bus transportation being under funded makes it difficult for singles, married with children, young professional and elderly-young retirees to find attractive and affordable places to live.

My, New Framework works with the current Conservation and Growth Map.

1. Increased funds, routs and hour of operation to CityLink Bus Service. *This, might alleviate the need for transportation by the singles, families and elderly. Thus, saving revenue for the aforementioned groups and making Lewiston, Maine a more attractive community to live in.

2. I have always though that Lewiston, Maine should take on a Cultural Identity and capitalize on it’s diversity.

3. By, use of the Federally provided at no cost to the City over $700 thousand; of, the Community Development Bock Grant Funds (CBGF) aid by pay down of mortgages by use of CBGF’s. I believe this would aid the elderly of Lewiston, Maine in selling their home at a reasonable price. And, would be an inducement to locate in the State of Maine and Lewiston, Maine. Thus, benefiting the local taxes and state taxes situations.

4. By, the above actions it would / could be possibly that new owner of property would improve their properties and create local jobs. (Painter, Carpenters, and more.)



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