2 Jul

1. 6.7 Billion State budget last year.

2. Democratic, wanted increases to 2018 fiscal (Which, was to start 1 July 2017.) Budget of $400 hundred million. Effect, on peoples bottom line rent goes up, food stuff goes up, business taxes go up, property taxes go up and all passed on to the consumer to gratify a few.

3. And, all this is passed on up to the struggling Mainer; who is an average age of 43 next year 44 so on with children in college (paying for?), shrinking economy and shrinking population. Maine; is as, an upside down pyramid waiting to collapse on it self – (you) because it bottom financial line is weak and it must generate more and more taxes to support itself because of ageing population and shrinking population and shrinking economy.

4. 12.3 percent of Maine population is living below poverty level. Which is $24.600 before taxes for a family of 4. Now, Americans are having children at a rate of 3.14 per family. So, we could deduce that their are hopefully 5.14 person per families in Maine

4. Expansion sounds “Great”. But, the expansion comes with an extra allocation of money from the State of Maine (YOU). And, the Federal will be decreasing it share of cost in the years to come. The expansion of Maine Care will be so diluted that it would cost you a placement in a retirement home due to lack of funding.

W H A T’S, I N Y O U R; W A L L E T ?

Respectfully, Mr. Charles Arthur Soule @ Soule4Mayor2017 – Fall Elections Lewiston, Maine.


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