HAVE, YOU EVER BEEN PARALYZED WITH; FEAR ? Click, on anything red, white and blue.

4 Jul

I once had a friend a Combat Veteran of the Vietnam Era; his name is Mr.Gary Duguay who is now deceased.

I will not tell you that he was a hero; for, he had gone Absent With Out Leave (AWOL) after catching a flight out of Vietnam in the late 1960’s on several occasions and was eventually handed a dishonorable Discharge for the Military.

And, how, long does or should a youth have to suffer the intolerable of circumstances suffered in the youth of once live?

Well, to make a long story short; but, not as important I proceed.

This certain day, about 50 years ago he was 18 years old and in Vietnam; picked to be the point man for the platoon and scout about a mile ahead. While, scouting ahead he came upon a whole platoon of Regular North Vietnamese heading is way. He, have no avenue of retreat and now laying in the tall Elephant “Napier” grasses of war torn Vietnam he confided in me and stated that he was paralyzed with fear. As, the inflection in his voice changed; I could see his face change as if he were reliving the experience. He, once again; with strained voice and blurring teared vision continued to say. That, while laying on his stomach with tears in his eye and hand claps together he; he, began to pray. He, stated that he could hear the North Vietnamese army regulars walking and speaking as they walked right through his position as he laid in the field of tall grasses.

Some would think, Gary a coward and a drunk as he had become an alcoholic and eventually drank himself to death. But, I do not; for, I have been once in my live paralyzed with fear but never to the level or gravity of situation as this remarkable honorable soldier and person. My deceased friend Mr. Gary Duguay of Lewiston, Maine.


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