WORD SALAD; for 7/ 7/ 2017: I super glued my radio this morning. Thank, you Maine Pubic Radio and all your 7 other radio stations! Click, on anything black and blue around Maine Public or MPR’s eyes.

7 Jul

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

I super glued my radio to remain on one station this morning. The lucky station is WLAM-1470 – The Memories Station; Lewiston, Maine, a donation funded radio station.

Reason: I got tired of Maine Public Radio always starting with a positive as to the events of the Right Honorable President Donald J. Trump; and, then ending the discussion of Maine Public Radio lackey interviewee with negativity.

It, was either that or pray for lighting to strike the broadcasting towers of Maine Public Radio. Oh, that has already happened.

SEND DONATIONS; TO WLAM-1470 @ P. O. BOX 308, Bath, MAINE 04530. Well, worth the positive attitude for the day.

I heard my first hockey game while lying on my bed while waiting to fall asleep for the evening on WLAM-1470 radio. And the game was the Chicago Black Hawks vs. Boston, Bruins on WLAM-1470 back in 1966 on my new AM…

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