Update; on, UPDATE: Have, turned in my first 60 Lewiston, Maine Registered Voter signature’s: THIS COULD BE MY FINAL STAGE APPEARANCE ! Click, on anything red, white or blue.

10 Jul

This, could possibly be my 7th and final stage appearance in my attempt to be the Mayor of Lewiston, Maine.

For, today is the day, 10 July 2017 that I picked up the City of Lewiston, Maine, Nomination Paper for Municipal Office to gather 100 Lewiston, Maine registered voter signatures by September 8, 2017 to qualify for the ballot. (Can, U HELP ME WITH THIS, GATHERING.) For, this Mayoral Election is to be held on 7 November 2017 in all wards.

I, have through my 7 attempts to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine in the last 30 years; attempted, to lead Lewiston,, Maine away from it’s current looming financial disaster.

This, looming disaster is the reason that the question of “CONNECTS-IT or Consolidation of the cities of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine is being placed on the ballot for vote on 7 November 2017.

If, any of a number of Students or persons following me on Facebook.com would Like to assist me in building this 2017 Mayoral campaign; please, contact me at Web Address below. For, at age 64 year old; I, could use the help.

If, you would like to learn a valuable lesson on how one builds a Political Campaign in Lewiston, Maine please contact me at the below on line addresses.

Please, E-Mail me or contact me at the following on line addresses.

onlinewebfire@gmail.com or Facebook.com me @ Charles Arthur Dube Soule, Lewston, Maine. Then, again Google.com: Soule, Lewiston, Maine.


I would like to thank the number of students and members of the Lewiston public for boosting my spirits each day that I have collected the 100 signatures needed for qualification by registered signatures to be a candidate able to run for Mayor.

60 in; 40, more to go as of 12 July 2017.


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